• God at work in Prisons in New Brunswick

  • Prison Chapel Report

    The service last night was to the Lord’s glory. The band from the University came to minister in worship, drama and testimony. They were moving in the anointing of the Lord. The atmosphere was “charged”. There were many hands raised when the invitation was given to anyone who would like prayer, and God was moving […]

  • Join Us at Cornerstone Worship Centre

    We are looking forward to doing a Presentation this Sunday, Feb. 28th at Pastor Evangeline Inman’s Church, Cornerstone Worship Centre at 10:30. Please join us! We will tell personal stories of what the Lord did in us and through us on this trip, and what he plans for the Kenyan Prison Babies and Street Children […]

  • Consider Supporting Kenya Prison Ministry

    Recently a team of four from Prison Christian Ministries went to Kenya, Africa, where they were welcomed by Chaplain Joseph Kinuthia of BROKEN CHAINS MINISTRY. The plan was to visit 11 prisons in 9 days. In Kenya, because there are no social programs to look after the children of offenders, the children go to prison […]

  • Prison Ministry in Jamaica

    As we pulled off one of the main highways in Jamaica that, believe me, are not much to talk about, on to a dirt road, so full of pot holes, the bottom of our van was touching, I had a hard time believing this was the road into the largest women’s prison in Jamaica.  Sure […]

  • Visit to Men’s Federal Prison at Renous, NB

    After having a delightful dinner at Pastor Albertine LeBlanc’s home, we travelled to the Men’s Federal Prison at Renous. We were greeted by the Chaplin & escorted to the Chapel where several inmates came out to join us. Pastor Jim led everyone in praise & worship with the men picking the hymns. After Praise & […]

  • Youth Detention Center

    It is Saturday, Feb. 13th and I am on the HWY heading to the youth detention center with Dr. Stephen Hart, Jim Lewis and Sherry McMullin. I just got home from Africa on Thursday and still have some jet lag. There were four volunteers booked to do a chapel service with the youth and one […]

  • The Inmates Letter

    Dear Family, Friends, Partners, Pastors, Prayer Intercessors and Volunteers. There are times when we wonder how much good we are doing. Does the time, prayers or funds that we are giving really make a difference. Let me assure you that what you are giving for the Lord’s; work is being used by the Lord to […]

  • NB Women’s Prison Visit

    On a beautiful sunny day, feeling like spring weather, A group of volunteers headed out for the NB Women’s Correctional Center. Many deer were grazing along the roadside assuring the winter has been good to them. Upon arriving at the Women’s Correction Center, we were greeted by the facility’s program director. She escorted us to […]


    We had just left the village of Kakamega, you could hardly see ahead for the dust everywhere, and because of the heat, we had to keep the windows rolled down. I have been on some dusty roads back in the woods when I have been on some fishing trips, but this was a main road […]