• Dinner Buffet Report by Deanie Gowan

    On Saturday, April 23rd members and supporters of Prison Christian Ministries gathered together in the Courtyard Restaurant at the Ramada Inn in Fredericton in what turned out to be a gala event. The evening began with a delicious meal that would have tickled the palate of any first class chef. Succulent roast turkey and luscious […]

  • Prison Christian Ministries Has a 3 Sided Focus

    PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES has a 3 sided focus now, all still revolving around the one who we find our salvation and purpose in, JESUS. 1) We still do around 30 regular visits to prisons, jails, drug & alcohol treatment centers, half way houses, and soup kitchens, preaching the gospel and inviting inmates to receive Jesus […]

  • PCM “DINNER & A MOVIE” Night Update

    Guests Speakers, Rien & Candis Laagland, at our PCM “DINNER & A MOVIE” night. They shared a wonderful testimony of God’s Healing Power in taking away a large tumor that threatened to kill her. Also a testimony of the ultimate healing, in deliverance from sin through salvation! God is soooo good! We serve an awesome […]

  • Prison Christian Ministries Volunteer Update

    Our PCM (Prison Christian Ministries) Banquet last night has doubled in attendance since our last one, less than a year ago!. We are growing in numbers and outreach. Since the last one we have acquired approximately 75 acres of treed property for Ministry development, have an African child sponsorship ministry up and running, expanding meetings […]

  • Praise the Lord! I saw the light!

    Although I’ve been totally blind since the age of two months, I have been wonderfully blessed with light perception, and I’d like to think I don’t take this perception for granted: I love sunlight, especially when it’s glossy on the surface of a still lake, and I cherish the memories of the five times I’ve […]

  • Prison Ministry By Deanie Gowan

    What a beautiful spring evening to travel to the prison. The group met the new chaplain who was pleased to see the ministry team arrive and made us feel very welcome indeed. The evening began with worship. One thing was for sure the presence of the Lord was ushered in. The anointing of the Holy […]

  • Letter From the Church Behind Bars

    Hi everyone, here is a letter from an inmate. It is so rewarding to get this kind of feedback from those in the church behind bars. This is such important work! Take care and God Bless

  • Prison Christian Ministries meet at Harvest House in Moncton

    On a Wednesday afternoon, Prison Christian Ministries met at Harvest House in Moncton. The team from St. Stephen arrived first. While awaiting the arrival of the rest of the team, they met several people, praying for one lady who was sick with a lung infection and meeting a couple of young musicians. These young men […]

  • Thank You for all your prayers and support – Testimony

    Dear Family, Friends, Partners, Intercessors, and Pastors, Thank You for all your prayers and support, because of your help many lost and lonely souls receive Jesus into their hearts. Below you will find a write up of one of your faithful volunteers who was good enough to give of his time and funds to help […]

  • Thanks to Bill McLaughlin for this beautiful, heartfelt update.

    Home at last, and it is midnight, this has been a nonstop day since 6:00 am this morning. A long day. A trip planned to a major correctional facility can be an all day event! Who does this sort of thing, and why? Well I can tell you it happens day after day in these […]