• COUNTRY GOSPEL CONCERT, Sunday, June 12th @ 6pm

    CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH, 819 Pleasant Drive, Minto, NB, presents a COUNTRY GOSPEL CONCERT, Sunday, June 12th @  6pm. Special Guests: Minto’s Own: Wanda Grant, David Williston, Larry Bailey, Macy Jenkins and Fredericton’s Miles & Rosemary Blair with a Full Band Free Will Offering to support PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES’ MISSON TO FEED KENYAN PRISON BABIES. EVERYONE WELCOME! For more info […]

  • God is Working in the Jails and Prisons of New Brunswick

    After the afternoon service at one facility, we went for supper and met up with a few more volunteers Steve, Don, and Adrian. We then headed to another facility, for an evening service. When we arrived, at we met with the Chaplin and other groups who were joining us. Among these group was a family […]

  • Highlights of Trip to Miramichi Detention Center

    Our journey today to Miramichi, to visit a detention center. For three months I (Trudy) have not been able to attend Prison Christian Ministries, but I joined the team today with Brent Bishop, Mike Cody, and Sherry McMillan, what a beautiful day it was. It was great to be back, and to fellowship with everyone, […]

  • Children from Kenya Prisons

    This is a letter that was sent to us from Joseph Kinuthia who is planning to be the administrator of our ministry work in Kenya, Africa. Below he has attached pictures of all the children that are in one of the prisons we at PCM ministered in while we were in Kenya. These children will […]

  • Three PCM volunteers Travel to NB Detention Centre

    Three PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES volunteers, Jim, Mike, and Bill left Fredericton 11:00 am to travel 3 hrs to a NB Detention Centre. While on route we discussed what we would speak about and wondering what the Holy Spirit would do. We always stop for a quick lunch and to collect our thoughts prior to entering […]

  • Ministry at a beautiful Chapel in a Federal Institution

    Having enjoyed the fellowship of traveling in the van together, the six Prison Christian Ministries Volunteers checked in and proceeded to the beautiful Chapel in this Federal Institution. Little by little, the men made their way from the residences until we had quite a congregation present. We were fortunate to have two chaplains with us […]

  • Visit to Village of Hope May 4th 2016

    This evening a team of six men from Prison Christian Ministries, Brent, Mike, Adrian, Bill, Don & Les find them selves en route to The Village of Hope.  This all male recovery centre, the inspiration of Pastor Mart Vahi, was first launched in Estonia.  Now the vision has spread to Tracy, New Brunswick, and is […]

  • Plan to Attend a Fund Raising Event for Kenya Prison Babies

    EXCITED ABOUT THIS UPCOMING FUND RAISING EVENT! We need to feed the Kenyan Prison Babies!! PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES presents a Country Gospel Concert @ SMYTHE STREET CATHEDRAL, Saturday May 14th @ 7pm @ 913 Smythe Street, Fredericton. Special Guests: Brent Hickey, David Williston, Wanda Grant, Becka deHaan, Barry McLaggan, Miles & Rosemary Blair, Full Band […]

  • Trip to NB Detention Centre

    On a bright, sunny Sunday, morning a team of three Prison Christian Ministries’ volunteers climbs into the van. Instead of going to their own churches today to be ministered to, they are going to one of the Province’s detention centers to minister to others. The 3 hour plus, drive is a great time to talk […]