• There is always room for more

    Now the final group arrive, but again this is a different group with different needs.   Becka sings her ministering songs and the stage is set.  Jim skillfully and under the anointing of the Holy Spirit brings forth a message. This time we are in a circle and the meeting is more up close and personal.  I […]

  • Visit continued…

    Time is flying and the third group arrive. We are in for a very encouraging time. Brent the ever ready ‘transition man’ commences this meeting and Becka begins her songs. Minstrel is a good name for her, she selects songs that speak to our hearts as if God was doing the speaking. Our theme this […]

  • The Master is Building His Tapestry

    The second group file in, Brent in his wonderful style opens up with the usual greetings and helps the men to settle.  Once again Becka opens in song, different songs than the last meeting.  This meeting is different as the men are different, and so are the needs.  Our heavenly Father begins to do his tapestry like work for […]

  • God Brings Contrition and Humbleness of Heart

    Today we are on another adventure to an institution, this one requires more journey time.  We get up early some of us 5:30 am to leave 7:30 am so we can arrive on time 4.5 hrs. later.  I must say that today will have to go like clock work, in order to accomplish what we have set […]

  • Prison Life Behind Bars – Day 2

    Now back at the prison and inside ready to go we have a blessing, this afternoon we are blessed with the inmate band.  These guys are good and take pride in what they do. The men file in and we meet and greet and then settle down. Brent opens with prayer and reads a letter from […]

  • Prison Life Behind Bars – Day 1

    The sun is shinning, it is a bit on the warm side but great for our journey from Fredericton, Brent B., Jim L., Sherry M., Bill M. arrive at their destination 2.5 hrs later underneath threatening skies, definitely storm clouds overhead. After check-in, we proceed to the meeting room. I kind of like to think […]

  • Installment 3 of 3, June Visit to an Institution

    There are smiles and responses but all heads turn when we come into the room with their beloved musician.  As we filter in and settle down, the order of the church service changes. Brent has concluded his message with a great response, now things change to presentation mode.  A very gifted inmate comes forward and […]

  • Installment # 2 of 3, June visit to an Institution

    The second half of our day is a service. Typically the team has each volunteer slotted for some aspect of ministry. Apostle Paul said in 2 Timothy 4:2 (NIV)2 Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.to be instant in season and always […]

  • Installment # 1 June 28th visit to Dorchester

    Summer in the sun, don’t we all love it this time of year! Today six volunteers from PCM will travel to an institution, we have Jim L., Brent B., Bill M., Mike C., Sherry M., and Rebecca T., we travel in the summer sun to what will be a blessed time for us all. Prison […]