• Put Your Trust in the Lord

    On this overcast day, four volunteers, Sherry M., Jim L., Jim H. and Mike C. headed out after prayer from Rosemary B. It was good to have Mike back on the team after an extended absence in body but never spirit. The first stop of the day was at a woman’s addiction center in Shediac. […]

  • Prison Christian Ministries Inc. is now a registered Charity

    Praise The Lord! Prison Christian Ministries Inc. is now a registered Charity. Meaning that anyone who has made a donation to the charity this year, or in the future, and gives us your contact information will receive a receipt that can be used for tax purposes. It also means the property that has been donated […]

  • Prison ministry is a matter of calling… continued

    We always like to have a break after ministering when possible. Today we can do that over a meal. Ministry to hungry souls requires output from the volunteers, mentally and spiritually: Mark 6:30 The apostles gathered around Jesus and reported to him all they had done and taught.Then, because so many people were coming and […]

  • Prison ministry is a matter of calling.

    Just as a Pastor is called to look after a community of people, so are the volunteer Pastors of visitation. This call is deep and challenging. Every day we experience all the trials and tribulations that go with this call. We hurt when they hurt, and we laugh when they laugh. Make no mistake this […]


    PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES Presents a SPECIAL SERVICE Sunday, August 14, 2016 @ 6pm Come Join us and Witness the Supernatural Transforming Power of Jesus through Song, Testimonies, Videos! Inmates who are now free in Jesus & living on the outside; Greg Seymour, Don McLean, Don Parker. Worship by Ex-inmate, Ted Lynch Inmate letters read by […]

  • God the Great Gardiner…Continued

    We leave this institution behind and prepare for the next phase, 2 hours have passed and we are now going to a fellow labourer in Christ’s home.  This individual has a gift to evangelize and preach, she also has a gift of hospitality.  A beautiful home situated in a rural setting overlooking water, it is […]

  • God the Great Gardiner

    Ministries go through various seasons, just like gardens do.  There is a time to plant and a time to water.  A time to fertilize and a time to weed, then comes the harvest.  One thing about harvest, there is always more fruit and seed yielded, than what was planted.  Sort of a win-win situation if […]