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    We are off and running on another beautiful September day, and this trip is a bit longer than some. We are 3 in number but even one with the Lord is a majority. So Jim L. Bill M., and Steve H., arrive at their destination about 3 hours later. The trips allow for the much […]

  • Special Service On A Sunny Sunday In September

    On a sunny Sunday in September Bill, Margaret and I, Trudy had the privilege to go to a Special Sunday afternoon service at one of the detention facilities. We were a little late getting on the road, but we were right on schedule with God’s timing. Bill led us in prayer while driving on our […]

  • Put Your Trust in the Lord … cont’d

    The next stop was at the local institution for the incarcerated. The team broke off into two groups, the two Jims in one range, & Mike & Sherry in another. Between the two ranges, several came out for chapel service. Again the teaching proved to be powerful in both ranges as the presence of God […]