• Inmate Christmas Card

    This is a card we received from a Special Needs Inmate. On the inside it says”Thanks for coming and playing songs with us and bringing us these foods. I love when you come during the regular year as well.”  

  • Purchasing Medicine and Clothes for the Street Kids

    Dear Folks, Blessings, Below you will see Joseph Kinuthia our agent in Kakamega Kenya, purchasing medicine and clothes for the children that live on the streets in Kakamega, Kenya, Africa. This is one place that the funds you have donated to this ministry are being used. Thank you for helping us fulfill the Gospel of […]

  • Christmas in Prison – PART 3 of 3

    As we go for our lunch it is important to relax and just enjoy each others company and the food. Ministry exacts a certain energy drain that is not comparable to anything in a secular job. We have to be prayed up before we go and sometimes need to pray en route just for the […]

  • Christmas in Prison – PART 2 of 3

    Today we have a great team, six in number, Jim L., Jim H., Sherry M., Trudy S. Rebecca T., and Bill M., and we are off and driving.  Today’s welcomed visit finds us two and a half hours from home.  This will be an all day visit comprised of two separate visits, the last finishing […]

  • Christmas in Prison – PART 1 of 3

    Hmmm… nearing December, that time of year again. You know “Jack Frost nipping at your nose”, and “Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas, it’s the best time of the year”…. not so if you are incarcerated. Statistics speak profoundly about this time of year as far as North Americans are concerned. Christmas, the time when North […]

  • Merry Christmas From Mike and Family

    Dear PCM, I’m so grateful for the tremendous support I’ve received from the many volunteers from your organization. Your ministry presence, bible study and pen-pals has helped to set my feet on God’s path for my life. I can’t thank you enough for your compassionate guidance and caring mentoring as a man in recovery on […]