There is always room for more

BillNow the final group arrive, but again this is a different group with different needs.   Becka sings her ministering songs and the stage is set.  Jim skillfully and under the anointing of the Holy Spirit brings forth a message.

This time we are in a circle and the meeting is more up close and personal.  I give my  testimony and you can see the deep searching in their expressions.  Today there is such a reverence in the air.  One member gets up and stands away from the group.  You can tell something is not right, but what?  Eventually he speaks up apologetically and reveals he has severe back pain, which then leads to a disclosure of other needs.

I am reminded of the old hymn verse that says, ”bring your burdens not a few”.  I ask you, is anything too hard for God?  When I complete speaking Brent introduces the healing aspect of the Christian faith and after a time sharing personal examples of healing, we pray.  So in the last moments of our stay the last thing we do is pray for this man’s physical needs.

Overall we have witnessed the palpable presence of God in the “Church behind bars” and leave for supper and the journey back home.  This late afternoon we are blessed with the hospitality of our friend Robert V. and his wife. They have prepared a delicious meal of chili and rolls with desert, who could ask for anything more, except a chance to come back again another time. Such a hospitable and kind gesture of love, it is easy to see why they have credibility and are highly regarded in their ‘neck of the woods’, they certainly help enrich our day.

As we head back we share and review the day in retrospect.  God is good, our journey concludes safely back in Fredericton at 10:30 pm.  The van and the volunteers will be ready to go again the next call.   Should you believe God may be calling you to this ministry please contact us at our website on Facebook page.  There is always room for more, and lots of blessing to go around.     Blessings…Bill

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