All Fired Up

bookcoverBrent Bishop’s Testimonial Book, “All Fired Up” shows in a profound way that a person’s life can change — for the better.

Brent Bishop grew up with a low self-worth and held onto the belief that he would never amount to anything. Life hadn’t been fair to him, and he didn’t trust anyone — not even God.

Bishop shares the intimate details of his life including issues with anger, child molestation, and addictions. After many disappointments, he gave up believing in God — but God never gave up on him.

Also included in this heart-stirring book are the testimonies of Monty Lewis, founder of the prison ministry Bridges of Canada, and Larry Howard, former blues rocker who toured with the Allman Brothers.

This book clearly demonstrates that through God, all things are possible!

Available at Lighthouse Family Resource Center in Fredericton for a donation of $15 and here for a donation of $15 plus shipping.  All proceeds go to the ministry.

Book Review

Following is a review of PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES’ Founder, BRENT BISHOP’S BOOK, ALL FIRED UP, from Janice Moffett Boyd, who ordered from the website.

All Fired Up Book Review

This book by Brent Bishop is one that resonated with me because it is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and the power of a praying grandmother. Although Brent continually got into trouble, his grandmother never gave up on him. Her prayers protected Brent time and again, and eventually saw Brent come to know the Lord and become a spirit-filled man of God. It is a reminder to Christians that we are not to give up, but to keep praying for unsaved family and friends. The message is one of hope and victory.” I also loved reading a book set in Fredericton – so fun to see the names of familiar streets, stores, and other places.

All Fired Up Book Review

Janice Moffett Boyd