A day at the Jesus House Refuge

Praying @ Jesus HouseSaturday June 18, 2016 was a hot day by anybody’s standards, but that didn’t deter a group of twenty men and women from traveling from different places in NB for a workday.  This 235 KM trip from Fredericton was well worth the ride.  Leaving at 7:30 am and arriving at 11:30 am, we travelled to the location that had everybody excited, and so willing to work.

The Jesus House, is as much a miracle of provision as it is a concept.  Nestled within a mature forested area and  surrounded with fruit trees and berries, this donated 100 acre miracle farm will be the new site for a new concept in prison aftercare.  This will be an aftercare facility for ex-inmates. These inmates once released do not always survive very well on their own as most family and support is non existent, and they have little or no place to go, many do not make it successfully.  In the donated gift of the property were buildings and a house and a mature treed lot.
Today, we spent time on the premises to clear brush, mow grass and clean the house.  There is much work yet to do, but what a difference we made in just 5-6 hours.  There will be other work days in the future of this budding ministry.

One could not help but notice the provision of the Lord that day.  There are lots of moose on the highways this time of year, yet we all had safe travel mercies.  There were no injuries incurred while cutting brush either, which we are forever grateful for.  Mowing @ Jesus house
At noon time we had a pot luck lunch.  Again, the Lord provided, as we did not have any duplication of food, and it was in abundance. I think God likes to bless and feed His children, don’t you?  He certainly loves it when we are in unity. I think of Psalm 133:1

{A Song of degrees of David.}

1 ” Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
2 It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments;
3 As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.”
We felt so blessed, privileged, and grateful that our Heavenly Father would allow us to be part of this extension of His heart to the wounded and down trodden!  God is so good, as many of us have been there ourselves, now we can give back!  We are reminded that God qualifies the called, not calls the qualified, and so it is with us.

After lunch we had a couple of people who felt they would like us all to surround the house with prayer and so we did.  An awesome sight as twenty people stood hand in hand and prayed in unison for blessing, cleansing, guidance, and consecration of this piece of forested heaven.  A Holy hush surrounded us and the building, as we joined hands and bowed our heads.  We were certainly in the presence of Holy God!

The place had been vacated for a couple of years and needed to be cleaned and inspected for repair and resurrected to fullness.  That is just like our lives, and the lives of our future tenants.  God will help restore, clean and heal them, that is His heart, He is a God of redemption and restoration.  He has a  heart of unconditional love, and so it is that we endeavor to be likewise.

Then it was time to head home, so we packed up our belongings and headed back to our separate homes. While en route to Fredericton we had the added blessing of a prearranged stop at Pastor Albertine LeBlanc’s Voice of Hope Ministries in Blackville, for supper.  The Lord bless her for her many kindnesses shown toward us.  After praying for her, we were once again  on the road, aPraise the Lord!ble to reflect more fully upon the day.

God cares, and we matter to Him, it doesn’t matter what we have done, God’s love is unconditional and he uses His people to convey that Truth, ever calling his children back to Him.  Will you care?  This ministry depends upon people who care about what happens to others.  Maybe you can write, we have a penpal ministry, maybe you can pray we need prayer, maybe you can go, some people’s ministry is going, while others give, and yet others give so others may go. What is you call?  Will you pray and consider Prison Christian Ministries as a possible recipient of your calling and gifts.

An early start, a late finish, but it was worth it all.  Oh, one more thing .  NOTE TO SELF:  next time bring more hot dogs.   Good Night folks.  Blessings…Bill”

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