Be Part of the Cookie Ministry

cookiesAnother vital part of the ministry is the COOKIE MINISTRY. When we visit some of the institutions we take cookies to the inmates and have a time of fellowship after our Chapel Service or Bible Study.  The inmates look forward to the cookies, coffee, pop and the fellowship, as much as to us visiting. It is amazing the conversations you can have with someone, one on one, over a couple cookies, and how it encourages the residents to know that someone who doesn’t even know them, cares enough for them to make homemade cookies, just to bless them.

Maybe you don’t feel like you can visit the institutions, but you make a pretty good cookie, we can sure use them.

If you live in the Fredericton Area and would like to join this part of the ministry, please contact us.  (They can’t have any fruit or nuts in them due to allergies)  I can even come pick them up if you like.

Thanking you all so much, for all that you do in the service of our Lord.

Take care and God Bless,

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