Blessings from Kakamega Kenya, East Africa


Dear Family, Friends, Partners, Pastors, Prayer Intercessors, and Volunteers,

We are now starting day seven, it is 6:30 am, and I am trying to find time to share God’s Glory with as many as will listen. To date we have witnessed so much more of how real God’s love is. We are in a country where people struggle everyday just to feed their children, but they are happy, and their love for Jesus and the church is so much more apparent then it is in Canada. It is nothing to hear “God Bless you” in a very profound way. We’ve heard it from a lady selling bananas, that are in a basket placed on her head.

We’ve heard it from a from a prisoner with one leg, hobbling around with a homemade crutch made from a large stick. Even in the dark dungeons, where a man serving a life sentence (in Africa life means life) that receives one tube of tooth paste from you, replies with a joyful voice, “May God bless your life”. Then when we talk with the Warden, he says, “Good bye, God bless you all”.

Day one, Sunday: We shared at a church in the morning, then into a ladies prison to share in the afternoon. It was wonderful to hear all 160 ladies greet us singing praises to the Lord. After the service was over and we had finished praying we gave out bible teachings, prison crosses, tooth paste and tooth brushes, and medicine. It was a great day. Praise Jesus.

Day two: We went shopping in the morning, where we purchased milk, rice, and medicine. That afternoon we went to the children’s remand center where they hold the children until they appear in court and are sentenced, but were turned away because no one had contacted them to let them know we were cleared to go in. That night we were live at the local radio station where we had the privilege of sharing God’s love to a nation, it was a good day. Praise the Lord!!

Day three: We went back and shared Jesus love at the remand center with the children and give them rice, milk, prison crosses, tooth paste, and tooth brushes. It really pulled my heart to see a lot of 7 & 8 year old children locked up. That afternoon we shared in Kakamega main prison with over 1000 men, many gave their hearts to the Lord. Before we left we gave every man a prison cross and left a good supply of medicine to help in the prison.

Day four: Up early to shop for more supplies then off to a detention center that was divided into two parts. One part housed 500 men and the other housed 300 youth 14-18. In both prisons we shared and gave out supplies. The amazing part of the day was how the Spirit of God filled the make shift chapels when the choirs started to sing, and at the end of each service a chance to except Jesus in their lives was given. It was another wonderful day. Praise the Lord.

Day five, up early and off for supplies, then on the road heading for Busia, two hours away, where there is a men’s and a women’s prison. Upon arrival we were taken into the ladies prison where we were met by their choir, singing praises to the Lord, it was nothing short of awesome! As we shared Jesus’ love with the ladies many of them were holding their babies, guilty of nothing, except maybe loving their mothers. The men’s prison next door was much larger and housed over 500 men. After the service, that also was filled with the sounds of the men’s choir. They allowed us to take toothpaste, and toothbrushes, to the lifers who were locked down in a dark depressing dungeon. There were over 100 men, and some rooms had up to 30 men in them, yet some smiled and said “God bless you” when they received their toothpaste.

Later that afternoon we were the guest speakers at a Full Gospel preacher’s convention. It was an honor and a blessing. The food was great and they enjoyed us so much, they asked us if we could come back and do a three day convention. Praise the Lord.

Day six: Started with shopping and another road trip. The first stop was a ladies after care. That consisted of two or three mud huts in a field, it was hard to believe. They had nothing not even a bed, and here they were singing praises to the Lord as we got out of our van and started toward them. These women have it even harder than most in the area, because they are all exoffenders. They are not trusted by their people and cannot get work. In Kenya there is no well fare cheques. We had a wonderful morning sharing God’s love, giving out clothes, shoes, food, bibles, and prison crosses. It was just like Christmas all over again. Praise the Lord!

Then we were back on the road heading to Bungoma Prison, that housed 700 men, where again we were blessed by their choir. We shared God’s love, prayed with the men, and presented medicine to the men. This country is full of Malaria, stomach worms and many other sicknesses, so the medicine is very important.

It has been a move of God that I hope each one reading this gets to witness some time in your life. At all the services we gave out food and supplies to feed their bodies, but we also gave out the food of life for their souls, and 1000’s prayed to know Jesus. Hallelujah! He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The living God is an awesome God!

All those who are partnering with us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without your kindness this would not have been possible.

Be Blessed in Jesus and know you are loved. Brent Bishop



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