Breaking The Cycle of Addiction

11-8-2016Today our team made up of Mike, Jim L., Jim H., Greg, Tony S. and Sherry, is visiting an addiction center, with an appropriate message, “Breaking the Cycle”. Each person within the team has had one challenge or another in life and has required help.

First to the podium is Mike, who introduces the team. He has a powerful testimony of actually being declared dead, and brought back to life. Because of this, he loves to travel to the institutions to tell people Heaven is real. His destructive life cycles were also broken, and he testifies from time to time regarding this.

After he has introduced us Jim L. leads us in song. Due to Jim’s extensive experience he is able to sing accommodating most requests for songs. When Jim has set the atmosphere through praise, we feel the door open now for ministry.

Next, Bill shares how that morning he had awakened with the song, “The Anchor Holds”. He wasn’t too certain as to how this had anything to do with the lesson but continued, and wove his story of his past life of poor living “cycles”. Cycles that had compromised his health, relationships, and had lead to instability in his personal mental health. He encouraged the group to know there is hope, the cycles can be broken, and to never give up. Also, that we need each other, to help break these cycles, and we need to be relational with each other and our Heavenly Father, because our Heavenly Father is relational.

Next Mike introduces Sherry M. She has the wonderful gift to tell it like it is, and so she does. Practical and down to earth, hitting at the heart the stark reality of using drugs. Her compelling story of hardship, and going from bad to worse ending in a near fatal health issue. The effects of which she carries to this day. Truly an amazing story of what God can do shines, living proof there is hope. God was in her storm.

Now Jim H brings the teaching. A retired teacher, Jim has a God given gift to teach. He takes our subject material and skillfully weaves the need of our Heavenly Father to be included in our recovery. He uses scriptures to establish God’s true nature and ability to get us through the wilderness of our lives. Using many incidents from his personal life where God was in his storm. The people are listening, and there is a palpable presence of God hovering in the house. People are being spoken to, lives are in the balance. There are tears.

Mike gets up, sensing this would be a good time to draw ‘the net’. He brings up Tony S.,a man with an evangelical call on his life, who works in these environments. He comes forward and skillfully draws the net, and they respond.

Greg ministers in the crowd. That is his specialty, though not visible, he will assuredly impact lives that have been wounded and sit in silence. Thank God for men like him who will share their valuable experience in love.

We have prayer, and people requesting to get Jesus into their lives, to break the cycles and calm the storms. This is where lives can be forever changed, this is the starting point. As we pray, the presence of God is sweet and tender, hearts have been ministered to.

Do you have a life controlling issue? Are you at your wits end as to how to get help? Many life controlling issues are surrounded in the storm. Consider Jesus, He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, he will get you through. Jesus is the anchor for your storm, to help you hold on.

As a final note, after the service was over we joined the crowd in a wonderful supper before we headed back.

I leave you with this song entitled “The Anchor Holds” by Ray Boltz. Perhaps you are weary and battled and feel the storms are too much for you to survive. Please don’t give up, there is always hope and God is with you in the battle. As you listen be encouraged and if you need to talk, call someone, or this ministry for help in your battle. God cares and so doInline image 1o we. Blessings…Bill McLaughlin

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