Children from Kenya Prisons

pictures0021This is a letter that was sent to us from Joseph Kinuthia who is planning to be the administrator of our ministry work in Kenya, Africa. Below he has attached pictures of all the children that are in one of the prisons we at PCM ministered in while we were in Kenya. These children will remain in prison until they are four if their mother is not released before that time, the country is poor and they have no budget for these children.

Please pray for them. If God puts it on your heart to help one of these children you can send your help by giving a Donation or Sponsoring a Baby.

Thanks for all your support. Be Blessed in Jesus where Real Hope begins.

Brother Brent,
Am so happy writing you this email i received 19 photos from prison but i was forced to go there and confirm and i found this new children. My brother for sure your trip has started binging fruits since Nekesa will be in school for one year because her fees has been cleared. This is through you and your visit in Kenya. I know God will always be by your side and do marvelous things in your ministry.Thank you so much my brother Brent i like Corn when i will be in your house that is what i will be eating . Say hello to your beloved wife and your son Benjamin and the others, have a blessed day brother and friend. Hope you remember first time we had 27 children and now 19.

Your Brother.

Pstr. Joseph K. Kinuthia HSC (Chaplain)


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