Christmas in Prison – PART 2 of 3

Jim H, JIm L, Bill, Sherry & MikeToday we have a great team, six in number, Jim L., Jim H., Sherry M., Trudy S. Rebecca T., and Bill M., and we are off and driving.  Today’s welcomed visit finds us two and a half hours from home.  This will be an all day visit comprised of two separate visits, the last finishing mid evening. 

Phase one of this excursion will involve a new course we are teaching, something we have not done before, so we run the teaching and then have a general question period. We anxiously await the reaction, and to our joy there is absolute openness and excitement among the crowd, one of our largest to date!.  They show their interest with nods, questions, and affirmation to the speaker. 

The room is charged with excitement and expectancy of what lay ahead for them in this course presented by us.  This helps the leadership appreciate the task at hand and the most effective approach to answer each question.  This is mentoring 101 and by today’s results it is going to be a wonderful time.  We will all learn and grow. 

One thing necessary in a ministry such as this is to be calm, and always teachable, we never stop learning.  As this session winds down there is a charged atmosphere of expectancy.  One person says, “I have waited a long time for something like this.”  A word of encouragement to us and a challenge to excellence. 

As we file out to leave there are hand shakes, we’ll wishes, at one spot, even applause.  So much appreciated and respected, the feeling is likewise..  Then “bang”, that familiar door sound and echo reverberates on our heels punctuating our departure. 

We will be back, but now for a bite to eat.  

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