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!cid_7A59A642-8203-41DF-B94F-BF5C5259C638Recently a team of four from Prison Christian Ministries went to Kenya, Africa, where they were welcomed by Chaplain Joseph Kinuthia of BROKEN CHAINS MINISTRY. The plan was to visit 11 prisons in 9 days.

In Kenya, because there are no social programs to look after the children of offenders, the children go to prison and are locked up, with their mothers. If there are no family members to bring in things that are needed, then these innocent little ones go without.

Then, when the children are 4 years old, they are put out of the prison. If there is a family member to take the children, that is fine. Often, there is no family member, and so, the children end up living on the streets or in a park, with no regular care, routinely going many days between meals.

When planning the trip, and all through the trip, the team’s top priority was to minister to those children. They bought food and took it in to the children in the prisons, and they took food to the park, where they had about 60 line up patiently waiting for a warm meal.

Right now, Chaplain Joseph Kinuthia, visits all 11 prisons in Kenya, as regularly as he can. Mostly, he gets to just the local ones, because all he has for transportation is a moped. He takes all he can carry with him on this moped, and drives the twisty, windy roads to get to them. Did I mention Joseph was born with only one arm? This would be difficult enough for a person with two arms. When Joseph gets a few extra dollars, he rents a vehicle and drives the approximately four hours (one way) to some of the other prisons. We want him to be able to go to all the prisons at least monthly, the way we do here in Canada. We also want him to be able to take food to all the children in all the prisons, as well as to all the children on the streets on a regular basis.

We are in the process of forming an AGENCY AGREEMENT with Joseph and BROKEN CHAINS MINISTRY in Kakamega, Kenya, which will take a few months. By the time the agreement is in place we plan to have funds raised to buy him a vehicle, and enough support to run the vehicle, and buy necessities of life for the babies and children accompanying their mothers in prison, as well as the street children.!cid_FF237C81-2CE0-4294-A2C3-3D9B4D0FCB7E

Many of you have been following our posts for a while now, commenting and “like”-ing them. Maybe you liked the stories of how the Lord moved and “saved” around 3000 souls while the team was in Kenya. Maybe you love to hear about how the Lord shows up when we visit the prisons, jails, half-way houses, and treatment centers in Canada. Maybe you enjoyed seeing the pics of the kids being fed in the park. That is wonderful, we are so happy you appreciate the stories, but we don’t post these for your entertainment. We can’t do this alone. We need YOUR help to do this! We are planning a number of fund raisers around the area and will post them here too, and hope you plan to attend.

To keep this ministry running long term on a consistent basis, we need regular monthly support. You can do that right here by commenting or private messaging the amount you’d like to give and weather it is monthly or one time. You can even challenge others to do the same. Once you comment, I will personally contact you to make sure the connection is made, so we are able to receive your funds.

Remember Jesus’s words, “….whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40.

There is an old saying, “Put your money where your mouth is”. I looked it up, it means “To support something that you believe in, especially by giving money.” I ask that you prayerfully consider ALL this and respond today.

Thanking you in advance. Take care and God Bless, Rosemary Blair

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