kenya8We had just left the village of Kakamega, you could hardly see ahead for the dust everywhere, and because of the heat, we had to keep the windows rolled down. I have been on some dusty roads back in the woods when I have been on some fishing trips, but this was a main road with speed bumps. We passed through two smaller villages where the street vendors were all along the road selling their wares, and trying to scratch out enough so they could eat. I thought we would never get to the church. This road would not be passable in the rainy season.

I was never so glad to see the church, but I was surprised to see only one car in the yard. When we walked into the church there were only fifteen or so people there, and eight belonged to the choir. I was not sure what God had in mind.

We took our seats at the front, to the side, which was nice, as it allowed us to see the entire church. It was not long before the choir started their Praise and worship. They were nothing short of great, even though it was another fifteen minutes before they got their generator going so the keyboard could join in. Miles and Bill started to dance, and when that Miles gets dancing it is like watching a little boy full of joy, it was a hoot! By the time the choir finished the church was full. There is no bondage in these people, how refreshing it was to watch them praise the Lord.

When Praise and Worship was over, the Pastor came forward and introduced us. Miles started the service with a song, then Bill shared, followed by Mike. I was asked to do the preaching, so I opened the bible in front of me, and started to read about the rich man, that came to Jesus wanting to know what he could do to get in to heaven. I was given a revelation by the Holy Spirit that this is what I was to speak on. So I shared how a lot of us have worldly and prideful full things that we want to hang on to. If we are not born again of the Holy Spirit, our fallen spirit that we are born with will steal our blessings and keep us in bondage. We may never know the kingdom of God, for the fallen spirit is blind to His kingdom. I am sure I spoke at least thirty minutes, the rest I cannot remember.

What I will never forget, is what happened when the people were invited to come to the altar for prayer. One person got up out of his seat and started forward, when he got to the front, he got on his knees and started to pray. Then to my surprise, just about everyone in the church followed him to the altar. They also got on their knees, there was no more room at the altar, so they filled the aisle, and there they also got on their knees.

I stood there looking out over the church and witnessed a move of the Spirit, I had never seen before, how humbled I was. As I started to pray Mike, Bill, and Miles went into the crowd and started anointing everyone with oil. It was a powerful time! People were being touched everywhere, as tears of joy ran down so many faces.

As we left the church, I noticed that there was still only one car in the parking lot. It made me realize why good roads were not that important, as most everyone walked. What a privilege it is to serve our God! It is true the servants do see miracles!
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