Day five in Kenya feeding the street kids

kenya5It was a beautiful sunny day as we weaved our way through the traffic in Kakamega; we were heading for the park where the street kids hang out. There were people everywhere; it was like trying to drive a car through the fair grounds at the Fredericton exhibition on a busy Saturday.

When we arrived at the park and the attendants allowed us to drive our car up the sidewalk and onto the lawn where 33 homeless children ages 10 to 16 were sitting waiting for us.

Joseph’s wife and their church family had taken the funds we had given them, purchased rice, meat, vegies, pop etc. then cooked up a meal that was placed in sealed bowls, and we the gave out to the kids.

Matthew 25; 35 I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, became a reality, one of these children had not eaten for two days. How can I put into words what I seen and felt that day? They are children with no place to go except the streets, most of them had on clothes that had not been washed for quite some time, and were way too big for them.

Miles started things going with a song (Try a little kindness) and to our surprise the Kids started slapping their hands together and dancing, we were all having a good time.

When the song was finished Joseph shared a word of encouragement with the kids and then we handed out the food, I was doing good until I looked at Bill who had his eyes all puffed up and full of tears, I could feel emotion raising up in my heart and tears starting to swell so I turned away quickly and put my efforts into feeding the kids. Once they had their food, we opened the pop with a pop opener like the old days, and handed them out. Just about all the kids got two helpings and two bottles of pop; it was fun to see the smiles on their faces as they ate their food and drank their pop.

After they had finished they cleaned up the area where they were sitting and put all the empties back in the cases. Then a lot of them one by one came up to me shook my hand and said thank you. One boy who was dressed in an oversized black suit shook my hand and said thank you with a big smile, then went over to my side, picked up his dirty potato bag half full of bottles and walked away. It almost broke my heart. We in Canada do not realize how much God has blessed our nation. Praise the Lord.

Be Blessed in Jesus and know how blessed you are.


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