Day Four in Kenya

kenya4Well folks I know without a question that there must be a lot of people praying for us. Day four started the same as day three we had another crazy 2-1/2 hour drive to Bungoma Prison and we are all still alive and healthy, except for our nerves.

When we got to the prison it was much like the others, everyone was friendly and the first thing they did for us, was take us into the Warden’s office. He was happy to meet us and it turned that he too was a Christian.

After a brief questing period that satisfied his thoughts, we were taken to the chapel where 200 men were singing and worshiping. Again like all the other services they sang praise and worship for us to hear, and again it was wonderful just to sit there and try to take it all in, man can they sing.

Again they turned the service over to us, we repeated our order of service with Miles singing and Mike doing the introductions and greeting from Canada, after which we all shared.  What a wonderful experience when we go into these prisons expecting to bring in the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to the inmates, but when we get there we find God has already sent the Spirit ahead and prepared the way, just like his word says. What an awesome God we have. That day was special Miles gave the closing message and Mike helped with the call to salvation and every man in the chapel stood up and prayed.

Then Miles got caught up in the Spirit, picked up his guitar and went down through the men singing, Try a Little Kindness and to our surprise the men joined in with him and sang along. It will be one of those moments that will be hard to forget. After Miles finished we again gave out Gideon Bibles, Prison Crosses that my wife Sheila made, we also left some teaching booklets that Kenneth Copeland Ministry provide. In total we have witness over 2200 salvations a mighty work of the Holy Spirit.  Praise God.


  • Barbara Nason

    February 5, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    Was so thankful to hear these reports each day and share them with others that have been praying. So excited.

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