Day six and seven in Kenya

kenya7Day six is not much to talk about. We took the day to rest and relax, spent most of the day in the rain forest watching all the monkeys playing in the tree tops.

Day seven is when God showed up big time. It started with the usual crazy drive to the Vihiga Prison which is a new work farm prison. Not being killed or not killing someone on the way is a miracle in itself. When entered the prison we could see the men were playing soccer, and everyone welcomed us.

After a short time of signing in we were taken to their chapel, which was made of metal with holes cut out for windows (no glass) and door openings (no doors).   The men had gone ahead of us and as we got close we could hear the men singing, it was powerful. When the church finished their praise and worship, they had a 10 man choir come to the front and sing to the Lord, if you have never heard an African Choir sing you are missing a real blessing.

When the singing was finished they turned the service over to us, I had already been praying for the anointing while I felt the Spirit through the songs. We followed our usual order with Mike doing the introductions and Miles playing a song, and then we all shared a message of hope and God’s love, and like His promise that we will see signs and wonders after spreading His word. That is what happened. At the end of our sharing a call to salvation was given and all fifty some men stood and prayed the prayer of salvation.  After the service we gave out Gideon bibles, Prison Crosses, Kenneth Copeland teachings, and the toothpaste and brushes that Keith McMullin donated to us.

Next we headed back to Kakamega for some lunch and then on to the youth detention prison. This prison moved me more than all the others. There were children in it that were only five years old. One of the five year olds had poisoned someone and was in for murder. I had a hard time getting my mind to except that.

When we arrived at the prison we were taken to some chairs that were located in front of 168 children aged 5 to 16. Once we got seated the children sang some praise and worship that was touching. Just as they finished singing I watched Mike get up walk over to a little boy, anointed him with oil and pray over him, when he finished, his big brown eyes and a large smile filled his little face. This little boy had leprosy; you could see it on his arms and legs. Then the service began with Mike doing his part, after which Miles sang a song and when he finished, how they clapped and cheered for him.

There was little time for sharing so I was the only one who got to share, because I had spent two years in a detention center I had no problem connecting with the kids. I felt like one of them, as I shared compassion came over me, I felt God’s love and how much He loved these children. So I shared how at one time I was also in a detention center with no hope, how older people told me I was a little thief and I would never been any good. Then after I gave my life to Jesus he healed my soul and blessed my life. He let me know this I was not a thief, stealing is what I did not what I was, I found out I was God’s creation, His child who had gone astray. I was a child of God the son of the King.

Every little ear was listening every eye was watching, when I asked who would like to give their lives to Jesus all 168 children stood and raised their arms, Praise God what a site it was to watch and listen as all the children prayed a prayer of  salvation , Wow the faith of a child is a wonderful faith. What a wonderful way to finish our mission in Kakamega. We now have witnessed over 2400 salvations.

Be Blessed in Jesus who makes life worth living.

We did not have enough bibles and brushes to give everyone something, so we left them with their chaplain to give out as he knew would be best.

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