Day three in Kenya

kenya3Today we left Kakamega at 9:00am and headed for a work prison in Busia, which is a good 2-1/2 hours one way. Well if you think you have travelled some windy roads in Canada you have not seen anything until you come to Africa. The first county we drove through is Kakamega County and the second county we drove through is Busia County. Each county has two million people living in them and I know half of them were on the road, walking, running, on bicycles, motor bikes, three wheeled half cars, and half motorcycles, some of them were walking cows, some were walking goats, some were driving large transports, a lot were in big, small and in-between buses, thousands upon thousands were standing at the edge of the highway, selling their goods out of little huts 4ft by 4ft made of sticks tied together and covered with mud or plastic.

You half to understand our driver Joseph only has one hand and here we are flying down this narrow highway doing 90km per hour, the highway is just wide enough for two cars with maybe 2ft on each side to spare, you cannot go 150ft without meeting some kind of obstruction coming upon you. So there we were weaving in and out and around anything from a cow to a transport truck and to top that off this highway had speed bumps on it made out of rocks and baked mud at least a ft. high, it was one of the wildest drives I have ever been on.

So after 2-1/2 hours of driving we arrived at Busia Prison. When I got out I felt like kissing the ground. The prison was a work farm that held 400 men and 42 women that were completely separated from the men, and some of the women had children. We were greeted very friendly by the officers and then met by the Warden. After meeting the warden and signing his guest book we were taken to chapel.

There were approximately 130 men who came to the chapel for the service and the first thing they did, was have their choir sing some praise and worship. Again the harmony was something words cannot describe, you could feel the Holy Spirit moving, and it was nothing short of awesome. When they finished they turned the service over to us.

Mike did the introduction and greetings from Canada, then Miles did a Country Gospel tune that the men all loved, we all shared how God had taken our lives that were in a mess and turned it into a message of hope. How he had redeemed us from pain and anger, from a restless emptiness that we just could not fill. Gave us a new spirit that cleansed us and gave and us hope, happiness and a peace that goes beyond all understanding.  As we shared every eye was on us and at the end they were given a chance to meet the Jesus that changed our lives. So they stood raised their arms and eyes to the heavens and prayed for Jesus to send his Holy Spirit into their hearts and change their lives. Just about every one of them prayed the prayer. It was awesome to be a witness.  Praise is to Jesus for the sacrifice he made on that cross.

After the service we gave out Gideon bibles, Kenneth Copeland teaching booklets, prison crosses and toothpaste and toothbrushes that were supplied by Keith McMullin.  It was well received and a pleasure to give.

Next we visit the women’s prison where 23 ladies came out to the chapel service. Again we were treated to the ladies choir singing some praise and worship, and again it was beautiful. We repeated the service as we had done at every service with Mike doing the introductions, Miles singing a song, Bill, Miles Mike and I shared and again the Holy Spirit showed up and did his part because at the end of the service all 23 ladies stood and prayed the prayer of salvation.

Again when the service was over we gave out the toothpaste and toothbrushes that Keith McMullin supplies for us. Gideon Bibles, teaching from Kenneth Copeland and Prison Crosses, then to top that off we gave them $400.00 worth of supplies, milk, sanitary items, medication, etc. The look on their faces was precious even the Warden was taken back by the kindness.

Thank you for all those who believed in us enough to support this trip, you may never know how much you have helped one of these as Jesus put it. I am sure God will bless you for it.

Be Blessed in Jesus for he makes life worth living.


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