Day two in Kenya

kenya2Wow, Wow Wow, Praise the Lord what a day it has been. It all started with us going to Kakamega main prison for men and women. As we entered the main gate we could look in and see the gravel yard was full of African men approximately 1200.

The prison was nothing like you would see in Canada and even worse than the prisons that I was in, in Jamaica .The men got our attention real fast. They were singing and dancing to the lord and it was an experience I will never forget, the beauty and the harmony of their voices and the sound of the drums were hypnotizing and if you have ever seen the African’s dance around a fire in the jungle that is what it was like. Mike and Bill got caught up in the moment and danced along with them you had to be there to believe it.

When we started our service Miles sang a song, than shared his testimony, and then Bill shared, than Mike shared with the men that day and the power of the Holy Spirit was upon us, you could not hear a pin drop.   I finished off the service with my testimony along with scriptures to back up what I was sharing. At the end I gave a call to the men who wanted to let Jesus into their lives and at least 1150 men stood to their feet, raised their arms up to the heavens and prayed the prayer of salvation, it was awesome. God is so good to use us in his ministry and allow us to witness such a sight. Praise the lord.

As soon as we were finished they lead us over to the women’s prison, which was no better than the men’s. We were taken up onto a cement platform and seated at the front on plastic lawn chairs; as I was walking toward the platform I could see many ladies holding their children and I could not help but feel a compassion for these ladies and their children. We no sooner got seated, and the women’s choir stood up and began to sing, one of the ladies was holding her little boy. What a joy it was to sit and listen to these ladies, man can they sing; I was taken away and forgot where I was for a moment.

We started the service with Miles playing a tune, as he finished a big smile came over his face as the ladies cheered and clapped loudly. We all shared our testimonies than Mike closed the service with a call to salvation. Three hundred and fifty women stood to their feet and prayed alone with Mike. In one day we witnessed 1500 salvations it was awesome.

After the service we had time to give all the children toothbrushes and toothpaste, we also gave out Gideon bibles and teaching booklets from Kenneth Copeland ministries, and prison crosses. We also purchased milk, popcorn, sanitary items for the ladies and bottles of medicated drinks for the children, as much as $400 could buy. The ladies and prison officers could not thank us enough. What a wonderful blessing to give.  Praise the Lord for providing.

Be Blessed in Jesus who really does make dreams come true

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