First day of ministry in Kenya

kenya1Greetings everyone,
Today being our first day of ministry, proved out to be a busy awesome day. We started sharing in Joseph mother church where everyone of us shared. At the end of the service many with tears running down their cheeks came down to us for prayer.

Then we shared in a men’s prison farm where eighty men came out to the service and all eighty came to the altar at the end of the service and prayed the prayer of salvation. Praise the lord for using us in this mighty way! after prayer we gave them bibles, prison crosses, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and teaching booklets from Kenneth Copeland ministry.

Next we went to a youth prison where over 400 boys joined us for the chapel service. Bill, Miles, Mike, and I shared. What fun we had with these boys. It reminded me of when I was locked up at their age and I shared that with them. Mike did a great job closing the service. When he asked who wanted the give their hearts to Jesus and  go to heaven at least 325 raised their arms then repeated the prayer of salvation as Mike lead them through it.

We did not have enough bibles to give out so that everyone would get one, so we left all our supplies with the chaplain at the prison to give out where they thought best. We left Bibles, prison crosses, more of Kenneth Copeland teaching booklets, toothbrushes and toothpaste. God is surly doing a revival in these prisons, we still have 9 prisons to go (2 more have been added) and we have already witnessed over 400 souls praying for Jesus to come into their hearts.  Praise the Lord.

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