Four days of Prison Ministry – Day 2

Gaurd Tower, Tower Street Prison Jamaica600The next morning you could tell there was resistance in the air, we did not clear the gate until 9:00am. Needless to say, we were late getting started, but even with that, we gave out lots of books, tracts, and had a good time of worship with a lot of the men.

Just before the second concert started, the inmates from another part of the prison lined up at the gate. Melissa, one of the volunteers and Igrabbed a box full of testimonial tracts and headed to the gate where we could hand them out while the inmates came through. The head guard, who was a large woman, came over and hollered for the men to get in a single line; then to my surprise, she hollered, “IF ANYONE OF YOU MEN TOUCHES ONE OF THESE VOLUNTEERS, I WILL DROP YOU WHERE YOU STAND”. I knew from the tone of her voice she meant every word. Again, we had a great time of praise and worship, and again many men responded to the call of salvation. We serve a wonderful God Who is all powerful, even in the darkest places. That afternoon, we packed up again and headed back to the chapel for another concert that night.

Things started to change that night. Most of the inmates were the same ones who had been there the night before, and it was easy to see the Holy Spirit was starting to touch the men with a loosening. Before the night was over, we had teachings and testimonies, along with praise and worship. The place was rocking as some clapped, some danced, some prayed, some praised the Lord and some tried to understand what it was all about. It was a good night.

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