Four days of Prison Ministry – Day 3

Brent praying in lock downThe next day is one I will never forget; they allowed four of us into lock down, which is a jail inside the prison, where you are placed when you do not follow the rules or need protection; some call it “the hole”.  As I walked into the lock down, it was like I was going into a movie. The whole place, and I mean HOLE was all concrete and steel, except for a plastic bullet-proof window in the large sliding steel doors that were mounted on each cell. Even the bed frames were stainless steel. There was a lower and an upper level, with a steel cat walk.

All together, there were close to 150 inmates in lock down. I grabbed some books and tracts, then started going cell to cell, giving out books and asking the men if they would like to have prayer; just about all said, “Yes”; so while Tony and Eric played gospel tunes, I prayed through the crack at the end of the sliding door.

As I prayed, I could feel God’s love as strong for these men as any man I have ever prayed for, and I know they felt it too because as I finished praying, I looked through their window at them; they always had a smile on their face and gave me the thumbs up.

One inmate told me he would never forget us, he had been in the prison for four years and we were the first that he knew of to come in lock down, that prayed and played music for the inmates; it was a powerful afternoon.

The next day, after I thought I had seen the worst…..


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