God is Working in the Jails and Prisons of New Brunswick

hi-nb-saint-john-jail-852After the afternoon service at one facility, we went for supper and met up with a few more volunteers Steve, Don, and Adrian.

We then headed to another facility, for an evening service. When we arrived, at we met with the Chaplin and other groups who were joining us. Among these group was a family called Echo from Ontario. They travel and visit various prisons and churches in the area a couple weeks a year. We all headed to the chapel and waited for the inmates to come in to greet them.

The Echoes team lead the service that evening as they ministered with songs of praise and worship and their words of testimony of their blessings of God. After the praise and worship service, the volunteers mingled and ministered to the inmates.

I spoke with one gentleman who told me his story of how he ended up there. My heart went out to him and the others there. He had it all, a good up standing person in his community and had never done anything bad in this life, a good job, family and well respected. How a few moments in a life’s journey, and a decision that could impact the rest of your life, to where you may think that its the end, and no hope. But, with Jesus Christ these people can have hope and peace. As I shared Jesus with him I could see his eyes started to water up. He said he didn’t understand all of this, but he does pray every night. God has lots room of love for the biggest and toughest giant just as he does for the tiny new born infant.

At the end of the evening the Chaplin said five min left before the inmates had to leave. After every five minutes the Chaplin kept saying five more min, then it kept going down to two more minutes this went on for about 20 minutes. She saw how God was ministering to the inmates, and didn’t want to interrupt the Holy Spirit at work. Finally it was time for everyone to leave and everyone said their good byes.

Folks, God is alive and well and working in the jails and prisons of NB to the church behind bars! by Trudy Shaw

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