Highlights of Trip to Miramichi Detention Center

women-in-jail-772x350Our journey today to Miramichi, to visit a detention center. For three months I (Trudy) have not been able to attend Prison Christian Ministries, but I joined the team today with Brent Bishop, Mike Cody, and Sherry McMillan, what a beautiful day it was. It was great to be back, and to fellowship with everyone, to hear the laughter and joking around. I am so blessed to be part of this volunteer ministry, and part of God’s work.

We entered the chapel of the prison and waited with anticipation for the inmates to come in. We greeted each one as they entered and you could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit even before the service began.

Brent opened the service and passed out recorded bibles and books to the inmates, who were so excited to receive these items. He talked about the men’s visit to Kenya, and the experiences they had in the prisons there, and told them of the video presentation that is available, the women’s faced lit up and expressed how they would love to see this presentation.

We each gave our testimony, starting with myself, Sherry then Mike. Observing the residents as we each gave our testimony, you could see the Spirit of God working within them. Some could barely keep back the tears, even the prison guards were listening intensely and taking it all in. You could see the guards wrestling with the spirit of God. We lead them in the sinner’s prayer and they all repeated this prayer. When the question was asked if anyone needed prayer, a few of them practically ran to the alter for prayer. We all broke in groups and prayed for each of their requests.

by Trudy Shaw

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