Installment 3 of 3, June Visit to an Institution

On the Road for the LordThere are smiles and responses but all heads turn when we come into the room with their beloved musician.  As we filter in and settle down, the order of the church service changes.

Brent has concluded his message with a great response, now things change to presentation mode.  A very gifted inmate comes forward and sits down upon a stool with a guitar in hand, accompanied by another guitarist. Before he sings he had this to say to her.

“All  of us in this room appreciate your sacrifice and so I dedicate this song to you.”

He went on to conclude that the song was from all of them to all of us.  He said to her, “you see better than all of us in this room.”

Ironically our musician  has been blind from birth but has  incredible musical talent.  God has used these talents here in prison to forge a meaningful relationship spiritually.  Today we enjoy the fruits of these labors.  We are all making a difference.

During this time of school vacation and report cards, I am humbled and touched to present our “report card” received this day, to God be the glory. Please take time and read the lyrics.  I consider it a pass, don’t you?   Blessings…Bill

You Sacrificed

Whispered voice embracing heart, reveal the visions seen

Warmth it touches what’s beheld, in wonder of my dreams

Relinquished truth, surrendered faith, melts these walls before

Stripped defence of imprisoned want, leads me to this door
I am Creator of the Oceans, the earth and these four winds

I am the sun light in the day sky, I am sacrifice for sin

I am your nourishment for your hunger, gentle touch to heal your wounds

I am refuge for your weary heart, on your long return to home

Return to home
Jaded trust put to sleep, a spirit meant to soar

Confined within internal cage, burning aching to know more

Blinded to the gifts held bound, by this ignorance and pain

Washed clean of a conflict past, with life restoring rain
You are the creator of the oceans, the earth and these four winds

You are the sunlight in the day sky, the sacrifice for sin

You are nourishment for my hunger, gentle touch to heal my wounds

You are refuge for my weary lonely heart, and my long return to home

Return to home
Here I stand before you, imperfections that I bare

Sincere desire to walk a path, beyond this impaling fear

I want to uphold the values, that reflect the words I speak

I want to stand up for justice, giving purpose to my deeds
You’re our Creator of the oceans, the earth, and these four winds

You’re our sun light in the day sky, you are sacrifice for our sins

You are nourishment for our hunger, the gentle touch to heal our wounds

You’re the refuge for our weary lonely hearts, on our long return home

Return to home

You are Creator of the oceans, You are Creator of the earth and winds, You are Creator of the sunlight, You are Creator of the day sky, For my sins you sacrificed,

For my sins you sacrificed

You sacrificed.

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