Installment # 1 June 28th visit to Dorchester

happycanadaSummer in the sun, don’t we all love it this time of year!

Today six volunteers from PCM will travel to an institution, we have Jim L., Brent B., Bill M., Mike C., Sherry M., and Rebecca T., we travel in the summer sun to what will be a blessed time for us all. Prison Ministry to the church behind bars has it’s perks you know. We serve a relational Heavenly Father, who longs to be with His children and show His appreciation, sometimes he even gives us a “report card”.

Today turned out to be one of those days when we are ministered to by the inmates. Relationship, isn’t that the bridge where we exchange thoughts and ideas with each other? God has called them to bless us, this writer is one who was humbled and brought to tears by the events of the day. Upon arrival we are accompanied by two others, Diane L, and Al S. so good to have them with us such hard workers in this environment of ministry.

Once cleared we all go to the meeting place, passing through the scanning and the ever present percussion of the doors. The guys are up tempo today and there is an expectancy in the air. This can only facilitate the learning process. So, encouraged, we read our lesson material in the common group meeting, then disperse to do the study questions. The men are very engaged and they talk a lot about their life in the church behind bars, and how God has been helping them identify issues and how to go about resolving them. So wonderful to see spiritual light in their eyes.

Time flies when this type of exchange is prevalent and before we know it, the first session of the day is over. There is however a difference this time, we are asked if one of our beloved musicians who frequently accompanies us will be with us in the return evening session. They seemed a bit concerned and wanted reassurance that this person would be there, they had a little something to give her. We assured them, yes. Curious request I thought, as did the others. So with books in hand and accompaniment with our wonderful chaplain we proceed to exit the building for lunch.

Ah yes, MacDonald’s today and we sit and chat over burgers, salads and soup. We relax and regroup for the second meeting. The television in the background gives us a heads up on extreme weather coming down river, we are forewarned of torrential rains, and severe thunderstorms. On a previous trip we were rescued from a near disaster when driving into an unseen down pour, so today we will proceed with extra caution on our return home trip. Once dinner time is done we move on to the next phase of our journey and head back.

Blessings, Bill McLaughlin

Oh Bye the Way, Happy Canada Day!

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