Installment # 2 of 3, June visit to an Institution

romans-ch-8The second half of our day is a service. Typically the team has each volunteer slotted for some aspect of ministry.

Apostle Paul said in
2 Timothy 4:2 (NIV)2 Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful be instant in season and always ready to give a testimony of the hope that lies within us.

This is standard operating procedure when ministering to the church behind bars. Tonight there is a difference though. Tonight we have a privilege afforded us in that we will split the team up and a small group of us will go to another area of the institution never ministered in before except these last couple of weeks.

Again we are approached by the inmates as they see us preparing to leave with their beloved musician. We assure them we will be back in good time for their special “something.” I am getting excited, they are really wanting to do something, but what?

Now back to our new ministry venue. We enter and are greeted by the inmates, some we know, others are new to us. We have one of our chaplains with us, such a considerate and caring man. He introduces us and our singer sings like a lark her selection accapella. So anointed and blessed of God. She helps usher in the presence of God to set up Mike C. who brings forth a great message of hope and comfort sharing his testimony intertwined with the Word of God.

This is a different part of our vineyard, we are ministering in a hospital. We would not have had this opportunity except for the ever compassionate chaplains who discharge their responsibilities. So once we have completed our ministry we meet and greet them, being mindful of the time we must head back. I have been moved with great compassion in this area of ministry. Our trip winds us back to our church service already in progress. Brent B. is having an awesome time. His characteristic “Praise Jesus” is infectious. There are smiles and responses but all heads turn when we come in the room with their beloved musician.

I am now commencing the final installment, it will include the words of the song written for Becka and the team.

Blessings Bill

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