Milk & Feeding Program Update

April 9 report Joseph.003Hi Folks, please see a report from our Agent, Joseph in Kenya.

We now have 67 babies and 67 street kids being sponsored for the Milk & Feeding Program. Is there anyone else out there who’d like to partner with us to help in this Life Saving work. It only costs $15 per month, for one baby and one street child.


Dear Friends and Partners of Prison Christian Ministries

As an agent in Kenya, I want to send this appreciation for your support that you have been sending over to us. This has enabled us to get milk for the 50 children accompanying their mothers to prison in Kakamega, Kisumu and Busia. (see attached copies of photos herein below)

The funds have also enabled me to travel and spread the Word of GOD to people around my nation Kenya. Yes, the Bible says, “what you do these is what you do unto me” (Matthew 25:40,45). Dear Brethren, we know that without love, Prison Christian Ministries cannot move, but with such you can make our ministry to move even far more than we can think of. Likewise, the Bible says, “let little children come unto Me, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs” (Matthew 19:14)

You can see that now the ministry is feeding 50 street children in Kakamega town twice a month. (see attached copies of photos herein below)

Also I want to take this opportunity to thank the ministry on behalf of the Women of Mount Elgon who are now on the program in getting CAN$100 towards feeding their families,. This has made my heart to be so much in joy as I see somebody in need being helped.

Please, from the street children, I have 32 street children who are in need of clothing, such as this one in the following photo:

April 9 report Joseph.007

Yes, for I was naked and you clothed me, I was hungry and you fed me, I was sick and you tended to me. (Matthew 25:36). Yes, the ministry cannot touch everyone, but it can change somebody through love. I need your prayers over the street children, I have one who died yesterday from being sick and lacking medical attention. I received a call yesterday such which made my heart to be troubled so much. Likewise, I will also need more prayers for one of our chaplains in Busia who had her husband who got an accident and had a leg cut making him become disabled. We need your prayers brethren for this also.

I need more prayers for this month as I have more than 70 prisoners with special needs towards their release on bond. They trusted that GOD see them through (see Mark 10:27). Let us continue doing good for to which we will reap in GOD’s appointed time. I cannot forget to thank Brother Brent Bishop, the Director of Prison Christian Ministries in Canada, together with his team and friends working together with him for their commitment towards assisting children here in Kenya (Africa).

Also continue praying for me, that when I can be able to get a motorcar it will enable me to reach out to many souls. We believe that our GOD is a GOD of riches and He can touch somebody whenever He as proclaimed. In all these, let us continue trusting in Him who has loved us even before.
GOD bless all of you who have been a blessing to even more of the needy. We love and appreciate your connectivity with us here in Kenya, amen.

Pstr. Joseph K. Kinuthia, HSC

(Kenyan Agent – Prison Christian Ministries)

PCM Support Form - Milk Drive


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