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  • Jo-Ann Marie Hood Will be Greatly Missed

    PCMs Board, Volunteers and Partners express our deepest condolences to Albert Hood and family on the loss of this Precious Lady. We know you will miss her dearly and pray God Will bring you comfort in knowing she is in the presence of her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Jo-Ann Marie Hood 1957-2017 Jo-Ann M. […]

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    Once cleared and checked in to our next venue, we have a typical prison service with good attendance.  Once again Bill opens and then introduces Becka, who honors us with a selection of very touching and appropriate songs. She is not only a skilled musician but she also is led of God in the selection […]

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  • Albertine LeBlanc, honorary membership award

    Recently, the BOD of PCM awarded Rev. Albertine LeBlanc, with an honorary membership into the Ministry for her complete & total dedication to the ministry. She supports us spiritually & physically most months when we are on the road in the Blackville area doing prison ministry.  She has a wonderful gift of hospitality, opening her […]

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  • Trip to a New Brunswick recovery facility and a prison

    Today we have a trip to a recovery facility and a prison. New Brunswick this time of year is spectacular.  All the trees are filled out, flowers in bloom and the fields lush and green.  As we travel, we comment upon the spring season and the new life it brings.   As we arrive to our […]

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  • Milk & Feeding Program Update

    Hi Folks, please see a report from our Agent, Joseph in Kenya. We now have 67 babies and 67 street kids being sponsored for the Milk & Feeding Program. Is there anyone else out there who’d like to partner with us to help in this Life Saving work. It only costs $15 per month, for […]

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  • Prison Babies and Street Children Fed in Kakamega, Kenya

    Dear Folks , This month we were able to send enough funds over to Joseph in Kenya, so that he was able to feed 48 of the street children that live in Kakamega, Kenya. He was also able to send milk into the prison for 50 babies. It all happened because of your help. May […]

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    Volunteers provide Christian Fellowship and Friendship to inmates, through regular letters. The letters break through the loneliness and isolation that so many inmates feel. As one inmate put it” When I got your letter, I felt blessed by the best! Perhaps YOU can help by becoming a PEN PAL. BELOW IS AN EXCERPT FROM AN […]

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  • Blessings from Kakamega Kenya, East Africa

    Dear Family, Friends, Partners, Pastors, Prayer Intercessors, and Volunteers, We are now starting day seven, it is 6:30 am, and I am trying to find time to share God’s Glory with as many as will listen. To date we have witnessed so much more of how real God’s love is. We are in a country […]

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  • Update On Our Trip to Kenya, February 2017

    Dear Folks Blessings, Here it is, day four of our trip and it has been more than words can explain. What a privilege it is to surrender my will, to serve the task that God has called me to. Freedom to follow Christ’s will, brings more blessings than one can imagine. Praise the Lord. The […]

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  • Partners needed for Milk Drive for Children in Kenya

    Dear Family, Friends, Prayer intercessors, Pastors, Volunteers, and Partners, Blessings, Please they need your help, not for me or for Prison Christian Ministries. The help that is needed goes much deeper than this, I have been in the prisons of Kenya and am going again at my own expense, into a world that is hard […]

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  • Dear Family, Friends, Partners, Volunteers, Prayer Intercessors, and Pastors,

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Last February, four common men from Fredericton NB, left Kenya with a desire in their heart steered by God, to raise up a prison ministry in Kakamega, Kenya. This ministry would take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the prisons, and some how raise the funds to help feed […]

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  • “Overcomer’s Course”. A Christ-centered 12-Step recovery program

    Today our team of volunteers consisting of Mike, Steve, Bill, Trudy, Sherry, Jim H, and Jim L , & Becka, heads out on a two hour drive from home, with Tony joining us as we near our destination. It is mid December, a time of year some folks would call, “the most wonderful time of […]

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  • Inmate Christmas Card

    This is a card we received from a Special Needs Inmate. On the inside it says”Thanks for coming and playing songs with us and bringing us these foods. I love when you come during the regular year as well.”  

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  • Purchasing Medicine and Clothes for the Street Kids

    Dear Folks, Blessings, Below you will see Joseph Kinuthia our agent in Kakamega Kenya, purchasing medicine and clothes for the children that live on the streets in Kakamega, Kenya, Africa. This is one place that the funds you have donated to this ministry are being used. Thank you for helping us fulfill the Gospel of […]

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  • Christmas in Prison – PART 3 of 3

    As we go for our lunch it is important to relax and just enjoy each others company and the food. Ministry exacts a certain energy drain that is not comparable to anything in a secular job. We have to be prayed up before we go and sometimes need to pray en route just for the […]

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  • Christmas in Prison – PART 2 of 3

    Today we have a great team, six in number, Jim L., Jim H., Sherry M., Trudy S. Rebecca T., and Bill M., and we are off and driving.  Today’s welcomed visit finds us two and a half hours from home.  This will be an all day visit comprised of two separate visits, the last finishing […]

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  • Christmas in Prison – PART 1 of 3

    Hmmm… nearing December, that time of year again. You know “Jack Frost nipping at your nose”, and “Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas, it’s the best time of the year”…. not so if you are incarcerated. Statistics speak profoundly about this time of year as far as North Americans are concerned. Christmas, the time when North […]

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  • Merry Christmas From Mike and Family

    Dear PCM, I’m so grateful for the tremendous support I’ve received from the many volunteers from your organization. Your ministry presence, bible study and pen-pals has helped to set my feet on God’s path for my life. I can’t thank you enough for your compassionate guidance and caring mentoring as a man in recovery on […]

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  • Taking Care of the Kids In Kenya Prisons

    Dear Family, Friends, Partners, Prayer Team, and Pastors: Blessings Over the last year, we at Prison Christian Ministries have been working hard to fulfill some of the assignments that Jesus has called us to do: Feed the Hungry, give drink to those who are thirsty, clothe the naked, care for the sick, visit those in […]

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  • Breaking The Cycle of Addiction

    Today our team made up of Mike, Jim L., Jim H., Greg, Tony S. and Sherry, is visiting an addiction center, with an appropriate message, “Breaking the Cycle”. Each person within the team has had one challenge or another in life and has required help. First to the podium is Mike, who introduces the team. […]

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  • Street Kids in Kakamega, Kenya

    Dear Folks, Blessings in Jesus name, Below you will see a picture of kids in Kakamega, Kenya that live on the streets. When we were in Kakamega last February, we had the privilege of feeding and ministering to these kids, it brought tears to my eyes at the end of the day, when one little […]

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  • Prison Christian Ministries Christmas Banquet

    It’s a Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings Friday Dec. 2nd, 2016 Doors open at 5pm, meal served around 6 Saint John the Evangelist Anglican Church, 75 Main St, Fredericton, NB Special Speaker Richard Bragdon Worship by Minto’s SEVENTH SOUND Proceeds to feed Kenyan street children and prison babies, and to get the Jesus House […]

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  • God wants us to GO. Will you GO today?

    Prison Christian Ministries is blessed to travel through out this wonderful Province of New Brunswick and even into Nova Scotia. We go to all NB Provincial institutions, NB Federal Institutions, as well as one in Nova Scotia, not to mention halfway houses and rehabilitation centers, traveling approximately 5000 km per month. We are a Prison […]

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  • Dear Family, Friends, Partners, Intercessors, Pastors, and Volunteers,

    Below you will see pictures of Rev Joseph Kinuthia (our ministry partner ) giving out 50 bibles in one of the women’s prison’s in Kakamega Kenya. This all happened with the help of Davies Kimori and the kind heart of Carla Porter. From all the Volunteers and staff at Prison Christians we would like to […]

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  • Prison Ministry Volunteer Training Day

    Open to all Prison Volunteers, and all who are interested in prison ministry. Prison Volunteer Training by the Province of NB Saturday, October 22nd, 9:30am to 3pm Hosted by PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES, at WORD OF FAITH CHURCH, 1005 Riverside Drive, Fredericton, NB Lunch Provided, No Cost Please call 461-8456 or email Rosemary@prisonchristianministries.com to pre-register, by […]

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  • Someone needs your story to get through their tough times

    A group from Prison Christian Ministries drove to The Village Of Hope Recovery Centre for a meeting. Nestled in the colourful autumn trees of New Brunswick this peaceful facility has been used powerfully to set men free of life controlling issues. This evening we have with us Mike, Don, Bill, Les, & Sherry. Our teaching […]

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  • For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord…

    The shadows are getting longer now, fall is here. Leaves are turning color quickly, I believe the trees seem even more colorful on our return home. Fall is a nice time of year in New Brunswick, no wonder it is called the picture province. Not only is the landscape impressive, but the fall painting of […]

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  • Please consider monthly support or becoming a volunteer

    We are off and running on another beautiful September day, and this trip is a bit longer than some. We are 3 in number but even one with the Lord is a majority. So Jim L. Bill M., and Steve H., arrive at their destination about 3 hours later. The trips allow for the much […]

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  • Special Service On A Sunny Sunday In September

    On a sunny Sunday in September Bill, Margaret and I, Trudy had the privilege to go to a Special Sunday afternoon service at one of the detention facilities. We were a little late getting on the road, but we were right on schedule with God’s timing. Bill led us in prayer while driving on our […]

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  • Put Your Trust in the Lord … cont’d

    The next stop was at the local institution for the incarcerated. The team broke off into two groups, the two Jims in one range, & Mike & Sherry in another. Between the two ranges, several came out for chapel service. Again the teaching proved to be powerful in both ranges as the presence of God […]

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  • Put Your Trust in the Lord

    On this overcast day, four volunteers, Sherry M., Jim L., Jim H. and Mike C. headed out after prayer from Rosemary B. It was good to have Mike back on the team after an extended absence in body but never spirit. The first stop of the day was at a woman’s addiction center in Shediac. […]

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  • Prison Christian Ministries Inc. is now a registered Charity

    Praise The Lord! Prison Christian Ministries Inc. is now a registered Charity. Meaning that anyone who has made a donation to the charity this year, or in the future, and gives us your contact information will receive a receipt that can be used for tax purposes. It also means the property that has been donated […]

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  • Prison ministry is a matter of calling… continued

    We always like to have a break after ministering when possible. Today we can do that over a meal. Ministry to hungry souls requires output from the volunteers, mentally and spiritually: Mark 6:30 The apostles gathered around Jesus and reported to him all they had done and taught.Then, because so many people were coming and […]

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  • Prison ministry is a matter of calling.

    Just as a Pastor is called to look after a community of people, so are the volunteer Pastors of visitation. This call is deep and challenging. Every day we experience all the trials and tribulations that go with this call. We hurt when they hurt, and we laugh when they laugh. Make no mistake this […]

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    PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES Presents a SPECIAL SERVICE Sunday, August 14, 2016 @ 6pm Come Join us and Witness the Supernatural Transforming Power of Jesus through Song, Testimonies, Videos! Inmates who are now free in Jesus & living on the outside; Greg Seymour, Don McLean, Don Parker. Worship by Ex-inmate, Ted Lynch Inmate letters read by […]

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  • God the Great Gardiner…Continued

    We leave this institution behind and prepare for the next phase, 2 hours have passed and we are now going to a fellow labourer in Christ’s home.  This individual has a gift to evangelize and preach, she also has a gift of hospitality.  A beautiful home situated in a rural setting overlooking water, it is […]

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  • God the Great Gardiner

    Ministries go through various seasons, just like gardens do.  There is a time to plant and a time to water.  A time to fertilize and a time to weed, then comes the harvest.  One thing about harvest, there is always more fruit and seed yielded, than what was planted.  Sort of a win-win situation if […]

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  • There is always room for more

    Now the final group arrive, but again this is a different group with different needs.   Becka sings her ministering songs and the stage is set.  Jim skillfully and under the anointing of the Holy Spirit brings forth a message. This time we are in a circle and the meeting is more up close and personal.  I […]

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  • Visit continued…

    Time is flying and the third group arrive. We are in for a very encouraging time. Brent the ever ready ‘transition man’ commences this meeting and Becka begins her songs. Minstrel is a good name for her, she selects songs that speak to our hearts as if God was doing the speaking. Our theme this […]

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  • The Master is Building His Tapestry

    The second group file in, Brent in his wonderful style opens up with the usual greetings and helps the men to settle.  Once again Becka opens in song, different songs than the last meeting.  This meeting is different as the men are different, and so are the needs.  Our heavenly Father begins to do his tapestry like work for […]

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  • God Brings Contrition and Humbleness of Heart

    Today we are on another adventure to an institution, this one requires more journey time.  We get up early some of us 5:30 am to leave 7:30 am so we can arrive on time 4.5 hrs. later.  I must say that today will have to go like clock work, in order to accomplish what we have set […]

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  • Prison Life Behind Bars – Day 2

    Now back at the prison and inside ready to go we have a blessing, this afternoon we are blessed with the inmate band.  These guys are good and take pride in what they do. The men file in and we meet and greet and then settle down. Brent opens with prayer and reads a letter from […]

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  • Prison Life Behind Bars – Day 1

    The sun is shinning, it is a bit on the warm side but great for our journey from Fredericton, Brent B., Jim L., Sherry M., Bill M. arrive at their destination 2.5 hrs later underneath threatening skies, definitely storm clouds overhead. After check-in, we proceed to the meeting room. I kind of like to think […]

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  • Installment 3 of 3, June Visit to an Institution

    There are smiles and responses but all heads turn when we come into the room with their beloved musician.  As we filter in and settle down, the order of the church service changes. Brent has concluded his message with a great response, now things change to presentation mode.  A very gifted inmate comes forward and […]

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  • Installment # 2 of 3, June visit to an Institution

    The second half of our day is a service. Typically the team has each volunteer slotted for some aspect of ministry. Apostle Paul said in 2 Timothy 4:2 (NIV)2 Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.to be instant in season and always […]

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  • Installment # 1 June 28th visit to Dorchester

    Summer in the sun, don’t we all love it this time of year! Today six volunteers from PCM will travel to an institution, we have Jim L., Brent B., Bill M., Mike C., Sherry M., and Rebecca T., we travel in the summer sun to what will be a blessed time for us all. Prison […]

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  • PCM Volunteers Work a Very Rewarding Vineyard of Prison Ministry

    In beautiful NB along the Saint John River Valley, we at PCM are reminded that strategically placed amidst it’s course way are Institutions and recovery units.  They are never empty and we are never without a visitation schedule.  Currently we put 6000 km a month on our vehicle and are conducting 28 events per month […]

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  • A day at the Jesus House Refuge

    Saturday June 18, 2016 was a hot day by anybody’s standards, but that didn’t deter a group of twenty men and women from traveling from different places in NB for a workday.  This 235 KM trip from Fredericton was well worth the ride.  Leaving at 7:30 am and arriving at 11:30 am, we travelled to the […]

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    McADAM FELLOWSHIP presents a Country Gospel Concert, Saturday June 25th, @7pm Oak Avenue, McAdam, NB Special Guests Include: Miles & Rosemary Blair, from Minto- David Williston, Wanda Grant & Larry Bailey, and McAdam’s own, the ‘Ecumenicals’ with a Full Band. Free Will Offering to Support PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES’ mission to feed Kenyan Prison Babies. Everyone […]

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  • Be Part of the Cookie Ministry

    Another vital part of the ministry is the COOKIE MINISTRY. When we visit some of the institutions we take cookies to the inmates and have a time of fellowship after our Chapel Service or Bible Study.  The inmates look forward to the cookies, coffee, pop and the fellowship, as much as to us visiting. It […]

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  • Eternal Solutions to Our Life Here on Earth

    Good morning everyone.  I hope your day is starting well, with your hearts and minds set on Jesus Christ. The team, consisting of Mike, Sherry  Jim L. and Jim H. left Brent’s at approximately 11 am on Saturday, and headed for a Detention Center, arriving at about 2:15pm. We had a good group answer our […]

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  • On The Road For The Lord … Continued

    After meeting and supper we moved on to our next destination, a Federal Institution.  We have books, cookies, pop and lots of love to share, and we have been encouraged and strengthened  from our first stop, God loves these men and so do we.  As we clear registration and proceed to our destination, we again […]

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  • On The Road For The Lord

    What a wonderful day for Bill, Jim L, Jim H, Greg, Sherry, and Mike to visit some institutions. We will do two visits today. Leaving at 1:30 pm, we arrive at our first place, Harvest House around 4:00 pm. Amazing how we all know people from different walks of life and arriving here is no […]

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  • Another Inmate Letter

    HI EVERYONE. Here is another inmate letter. Thanks to our teams for going in to visit the “church behind bars” and to our PEN PALS for writing to the folks in there. Take care and God Bless.

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  • Inmate Letter Received Today

    Hi everyone! Here is part of a letter received today. It is so rewarding to hear these kinds of reports from folks! Praise The Lord! Whatever we do for Him has eternal consequences! A BIG THANK YOU to our PEN PALS for doing what they do to!

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  • COUNTRY GOSPEL CONCERT, Sunday, June 12th @ 6pm

    CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH, 819 Pleasant Drive, Minto, NB, presents a COUNTRY GOSPEL CONCERT, Sunday, June 12th @  6pm. Special Guests: Minto’s Own: Wanda Grant, David Williston, Larry Bailey, Macy Jenkins and Fredericton’s Miles & Rosemary Blair with a Full Band Free Will Offering to support PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES’ MISSON TO FEED KENYAN PRISON BABIES. EVERYONE WELCOME! For more info […]

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  • God is Working in the Jails and Prisons of New Brunswick

    After the afternoon service at one facility, we went for supper and met up with a few more volunteers Steve, Don, and Adrian. We then headed to another facility, for an evening service. When we arrived, at we met with the Chaplin and other groups who were joining us. Among these group was a family […]

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  • Highlights of Trip to Miramichi Detention Center

    Our journey today to Miramichi, to visit a detention center. For three months I (Trudy) have not been able to attend Prison Christian Ministries, but I joined the team today with Brent Bishop, Mike Cody, and Sherry McMillan, what a beautiful day it was. It was great to be back, and to fellowship with everyone, […]

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  • Children from Kenya Prisons

    This is a letter that was sent to us from Joseph Kinuthia who is planning to be the administrator of our ministry work in Kenya, Africa. Below he has attached pictures of all the children that are in one of the prisons we at PCM ministered in while we were in Kenya. These children will […]

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  • Three PCM volunteers Travel to NB Detention Centre

    Three PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES volunteers, Jim, Mike, and Bill left Fredericton 11:00 am to travel 3 hrs to a NB Detention Centre. While on route we discussed what we would speak about and wondering what the Holy Spirit would do. We always stop for a quick lunch and to collect our thoughts prior to entering […]

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  • Ministry at a beautiful Chapel in a Federal Institution

    Having enjoyed the fellowship of traveling in the van together, the six Prison Christian Ministries Volunteers checked in and proceeded to the beautiful Chapel in this Federal Institution. Little by little, the men made their way from the residences until we had quite a congregation present. We were fortunate to have two chaplains with us […]

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  • Visit to Village of Hope May 4th 2016

    This evening a team of six men from Prison Christian Ministries, Brent, Mike, Adrian, Bill, Don & Les find them selves en route to The Village of Hope.  This all male recovery centre, the inspiration of Pastor Mart Vahi, was first launched in Estonia.  Now the vision has spread to Tracy, New Brunswick, and is […]

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  • Plan to Attend a Fund Raising Event for Kenya Prison Babies

    EXCITED ABOUT THIS UPCOMING FUND RAISING EVENT! We need to feed the Kenyan Prison Babies!! PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES presents a Country Gospel Concert @ SMYTHE STREET CATHEDRAL, Saturday May 14th @ 7pm @ 913 Smythe Street, Fredericton. Special Guests: Brent Hickey, David Williston, Wanda Grant, Becka deHaan, Barry McLaggan, Miles & Rosemary Blair, Full Band […]

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  • Trip to NB Detention Centre

    On a bright, sunny Sunday, morning a team of three Prison Christian Ministries’ volunteers climbs into the van. Instead of going to their own churches today to be ministered to, they are going to one of the Province’s detention centers to minister to others. The 3 hour plus, drive is a great time to talk […]

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  • Dinner Buffet Report by Deanie Gowan

    On Saturday, April 23rd members and supporters of Prison Christian Ministries gathered together in the Courtyard Restaurant at the Ramada Inn in Fredericton in what turned out to be a gala event. The evening began with a delicious meal that would have tickled the palate of any first class chef. Succulent roast turkey and luscious […]

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  • Prison Christian Ministries Has a 3 Sided Focus

    PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES has a 3 sided focus now, all still revolving around the one who we find our salvation and purpose in, JESUS. 1) We still do around 30 regular visits to prisons, jails, drug & alcohol treatment centers, half way houses, and soup kitchens, preaching the gospel and inviting inmates to receive Jesus […]

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  • PCM “DINNER & A MOVIE” Night Update

    Guests Speakers, Rien & Candis Laagland, at our PCM “DINNER & A MOVIE” night. They shared a wonderful testimony of God’s Healing Power in taking away a large tumor that threatened to kill her. Also a testimony of the ultimate healing, in deliverance from sin through salvation! God is soooo good! We serve an awesome […]

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  • Prison Christian Ministries Volunteer Update

    Our PCM (Prison Christian Ministries) Banquet last night has doubled in attendance since our last one, less than a year ago!. We are growing in numbers and outreach. Since the last one we have acquired approximately 75 acres of treed property for Ministry development, have an African child sponsorship ministry up and running, expanding meetings […]

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  • Praise the Lord! I saw the light!

    Although I’ve been totally blind since the age of two months, I have been wonderfully blessed with light perception, and I’d like to think I don’t take this perception for granted: I love sunlight, especially when it’s glossy on the surface of a still lake, and I cherish the memories of the five times I’ve […]

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  • Prison Ministry By Deanie Gowan

    What a beautiful spring evening to travel to the prison. The group met the new chaplain who was pleased to see the ministry team arrive and made us feel very welcome indeed. The evening began with worship. One thing was for sure the presence of the Lord was ushered in. The anointing of the Holy […]

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  • Letter From the Church Behind Bars

    Hi everyone, here is a letter from an inmate. It is so rewarding to get this kind of feedback from those in the church behind bars. This is such important work! Take care and God Bless

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  • Prison Christian Ministries meet at Harvest House in Moncton

    On a Wednesday afternoon, Prison Christian Ministries met at Harvest House in Moncton. The team from St. Stephen arrived first. While awaiting the arrival of the rest of the team, they met several people, praying for one lady who was sick with a lung infection and meeting a couple of young musicians. These young men […]

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  • Thank You for all your prayers and support – Testimony

    Dear Family, Friends, Partners, Intercessors, and Pastors, Thank You for all your prayers and support, because of your help many lost and lonely souls receive Jesus into their hearts. Below you will find a write up of one of your faithful volunteers who was good enough to give of his time and funds to help […]

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  • Thanks to Bill McLaughlin for this beautiful, heartfelt update.

    Home at last, and it is midnight, this has been a nonstop day since 6:00 am this morning. A long day. A trip planned to a major correctional facility can be an all day event! Who does this sort of thing, and why? Well I can tell you it happens day after day in these […]

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  • Country Gospel Concert – Feed the Kenyan Prison Babies – April 16th @ 7pm

    A QUICK REMINDER, THIS CONCERT IS GETTING CLOSER! Excited about this upcoming Country Gospel Concert to raise much needed funds to feed the Kenyan Prison Babies. Saturday, April 16th @ 7pm @ Word of Faith Church, 1005 Riverside Drive, Fredericton, NB. Full Band: Bev Jewett, Laurie Mcneill, Ed Howland. Special Guests: Tom & Nancy Donovan, […]

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  • Join us for a Dinner Buffet, and Movie

    Hi Everyone, This is open to anyone who is interested in this ministry! PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES ANNOUNCES A SPRING GET TOGETHER! Join us for a Dinner Buffet, and Movie. SATURDAY, APRIL 23rd, at the Ramada Inn, Courtyard Restaurant, see menu below, The meal starts at 5pm followed by Praise and Worship,(Miles & Rosemary Blair), ( […]

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  • Ministry in the Youth Jail

    After a two hour drive on a beautiful winter day, four volunteers and I (Brent) pulled into the jail at 2:30 pm; the trip over was a good time with lots of interesting conversation. The officers must have been busy when we arrived, because it was a while before they came to open the door […]

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  • Feeling God’s Love and Closeness in Jail!

    It was 6:45 am when I left home with Don, heading for the Jail. I had never been to the jail, so was not sure just how things worked there. On our way, we stopped at Acorns Truck Stop and picked up Albert, who had his guitar with Him. After a good 2 ½ hr […]

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  • Visit to a Prison Farm in Jamaica

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. The following is an account written by Brent Bishop, of a visit to a Prison Farm in Jamaica a few years ago. We travelled up the winding narrow road towards the Prison Farm that is located high up in the mountains of Jamaica, away from everything, where our team […]

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  • Sunday is coming! HAPPY EASTER!

    Here is a story, perfect for Easter Weekend. On the worst day of Jesus’ life, Crucifixion Friday, to many standing in the crowd it seemed hopeless, but Jesus knew Resurrection Sunday was coming! As PCM Volunteer, Trudy Shaw says, ” If you will keep your eyes on the Lord, He will turn the situation around to […]

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  • Happy St. Patricks Day

    Even though the St. Patrick’s Day snow storm threatened the trip, our love for God & ministry compelled four members of the Prison Christian Ministries team to proceed to the Jail Chapel. Those who assembled were first-timers, as far as we were concerned. Even though we had no music, Jim led several worship songs from […]

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  • Four days of Prison Ministry – Day 4

    The next day, after I thought I had seen the worst, they took us to the psychiatric lock down. This was more than I could understand. There were four wings, two were total lock down with over 80 men in these two wards. Some of these men were never let out. I was told they […]

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  • Four days of Prison Ministry – Day 3

    The next day is one I will never forget; they allowed four of us into lock down, which is a jail inside the prison, where you are placed when you do not follow the rules or need protection; some call it “the hole”.  As I walked into the lock down, it was like I was […]

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  • Four days of Prison Ministry – Day 2

    The next morning you could tell there was resistance in the air, we did not clear the gate until 9:00am. Needless to say, we were late getting started, but even with that, we gave out lots of books, tracts, and had a good time of worship with a lot of the men. Just before the […]

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  • Four days of Prison Ministry – Day 1

    As soon as the concert was finished, we packed all the equipment and headed across the street to another facility. We were scheduled to do another concert at 6:00pm that night, so had no time for supper. It holds over 2,000 men, who have been convicted of everything from murder to rape, and on down […]

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  • Recent Visit to a Detention Center

    We arrived at the Detention Center, parking our vehicle, we bowed our heads, praying for open doors and to have the anointing from God to minister to these people. We formed a circle with chairs, and soon an eager group found their place and took a seat. After opening in prayer, Miles sang and played […]

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  • Charitable Status Update

    Hi Everyone: I just wanted to let you all know that we are working on our Charitable Status and expect it to done by June or July. In the meantime, I have confirmed with Canada Revenue Agency that, where a registered charity’s objects and activities are charitable throughout the year, the charity may issue official […]

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  • Country Gospel Concert – Mission to Kenyan Prison Babies, EVERYONE WELCOME!!!

    Excited about this upcoming Country Gospel Concert to raise much needed funds to feed the Kenyan Prison Babies. Saturday, April 16th @ 7pm @ Word of Faith Church, 1005 Riverside Drive, Fredericton, NB. Full Band: Bev Jewett, Laurie Mcneill, Ed Howland. Special Guests: Tom & Nancy Donovan, Merrill McCarty, Albert Hood, Miles & Rosemary Blair. […]

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  • Women’s Prison In Florida

    The chapel is located in the middle of the prison, up on a second floor level, with a large balcony. After the heavy job of moving all the equipment up into the chapel, I was standing on the balcony, looking out over a huge prison complex where women were moving about in single lines, with […]

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  • Recent Visit to a Correctional Facility

    It was a sunny but cold & windy morning as our team of 3 climbed into the van in Fredericton, and headed for a prison visit. When arriving at the facility we walked across the parking lot to the outside entrance of the building, the wind blew hard and the snow swirled around us, keeping […]

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  • Visit to Jamaica Boys Youth Correctional Jail

    As I sat in the back of a white Nissan van that was slowly winding its way up a very narrow steep road, accompanied by three other volunteers and our driver Eric, I looked to my left and saw a view that was breath taking. I looked down over valleys that were covered in lush […]

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  • Hillsborough Prison Florida

    Hi Folks, I am back on the road with Solid Rock Ministries, taking the Gospel of Jesus into the prisons. Through Song, Praise, Testimonies, and Teachings we raise up disciples who will know the truth that will set them free. We have just finished our tour at Hillsborough Prison (Women’s Unit), Riverview FL. The prison […]

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  • The Church Behind Bars

    We are certainly working in “The Church Behind Bars”. Here is another letter from an inmate. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

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  • Update From Kenyan Chaplain, Joseph Kinuthia

    Hallo brother Brent, Good morning: Today I received a call from the commissioner of prisons in Kenya, thanking me for the good work I am doing in prisons. He said he has received a report from all the prisons we visited. For me it is a surprise as I have never received a such call […]

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  • Prison Chapel Report

    The service last night was to the Lord’s glory. The band from the University came to minister in worship, drama and testimony. They were moving in the anointing of the Lord. The atmosphere was “charged”. There were many hands raised when the invitation was given to anyone who would like prayer, and God was moving […]

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  • Join Us at Cornerstone Worship Centre

    We are looking forward to doing a Presentation this Sunday, Feb. 28th at Pastor Evangeline Inman’s Church, Cornerstone Worship Centre at 10:30. Please join us! We will tell personal stories of what the Lord did in us and through us on this trip, and what he plans for the Kenyan Prison Babies and Street Children […]

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  • Consider Supporting Kenya Prison Ministry

    Recently a team of four from Prison Christian Ministries went to Kenya, Africa, where they were welcomed by Chaplain Joseph Kinuthia of BROKEN CHAINS MINISTRY. The plan was to visit 11 prisons in 9 days. In Kenya, because there are no social programs to look after the children of offenders, the children go to prison […]

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  • Prison Ministry in Jamaica

    As we pulled off one of the main highways in Jamaica that, believe me, are not much to talk about, on to a dirt road, so full of pot holes, the bottom of our van was touching, I had a hard time believing this was the road into the largest women’s prison in Jamaica.  Sure […]

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  • Visit to Men’s Federal Prison at Renous, NB

    After having a delightful dinner at Pastor Albertine LeBlanc’s home, we travelled to the Men’s Federal Prison at Renous. We were greeted by the Chaplin & escorted to the Chapel where several inmates came out to join us. Pastor Jim led everyone in praise & worship with the men picking the hymns. After Praise & […]

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  • Youth Detention Center

    It is Saturday, Feb. 13th and I am on the HWY heading to the youth detention center with Dr. Stephen Hart, Jim Lewis and Sherry McMullin. I just got home from Africa on Thursday and still have some jet lag. There were four volunteers booked to do a chapel service with the youth and one […]

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  • The Inmates Letter

    Dear Family, Friends, Partners, Pastors, Prayer Intercessors and Volunteers. There are times when we wonder how much good we are doing. Does the time, prayers or funds that we are giving really make a difference. Let me assure you that what you are giving for the Lord’s; work is being used by the Lord to […]

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  • NB Women’s Prison Visit

    On a beautiful sunny day, feeling like spring weather, A group of volunteers headed out for the NB Women’s Correctional Center. Many deer were grazing along the roadside assuring the winter has been good to them. Upon arriving at the Women’s Correction Center, we were greeted by the facility’s program director. She escorted us to […]

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    We had just left the village of Kakamega, you could hardly see ahead for the dust everywhere, and because of the heat, we had to keep the windows rolled down. I have been on some dusty roads back in the woods when I have been on some fishing trips, but this was a main road […]

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  • Day six and seven in Kenya

    Day six is not much to talk about. We took the day to rest and relax, spent most of the day in the rain forest watching all the monkeys playing in the tree tops. Day seven is when God showed up big time. It started with the usual crazy drive to the Vihiga Prison which […]

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    Hi Everyone: It has been an exciting week, seeing all the posts from Kenya! God is surely at work through our team, in the prisons there! He is also still at work in the prisons & jails in your neighborhood. While Miles, Mike, Bill and Brent are in Kenya, we still have teams visiting “the […]

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    Well, two more prisons on Tuesday, and we head home on Wednesday. Tomorrow we have a church service to attend and participate in, then a meal at our host’s mother in law’s place. We have been busy to say the least. Weather is hot and the sky pretty much cloudless. Temperatures during the days stay […]

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  • Day five in Kenya feeding the street kids

    It was a beautiful sunny day as we weaved our way through the traffic in Kakamega; we were heading for the park where the street kids hang out. There were people everywhere; it was like trying to drive a car through the fair grounds at the Fredericton exhibition on a busy Saturday. When we arrived […]

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  • Day Four in Kenya

    Well folks I know without a question that there must be a lot of people praying for us. Day four started the same as day three we had another crazy 2-1/2 hour drive to Bungoma Prison and we are all still alive and healthy, except for our nerves. When we got to the prison it […]

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  • Day three in Kenya

    Today we left Kakamega at 9:00am and headed for a work prison in Busia, which is a good 2-1/2 hours one way. Well if you think you have travelled some windy roads in Canada you have not seen anything until you come to Africa. The first county we drove through is Kakamega County and the […]

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  • Day two in Kenya

    Wow, Wow Wow, Praise the Lord what a day it has been. It all started with us going to Kakamega main prison for men and women. As we entered the main gate we could look in and see the gravel yard was full of African men approximately 1200. The prison was nothing like you would […]

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  • First day of ministry in Kenya

    Greetings everyone, Today being our first day of ministry, proved out to be a busy awesome day. We started sharing in Joseph mother church where everyone of us shared. At the end of the service many with tears running down their cheeks came down to us for prayer. Then we shared in a men’s prison […]

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