On The Road For The Lord … Continued

After meeting and supper we moved on to our next destination, a Federal Institution.  We have books, cookies, pop and lots of love to share, and we have been encouraged and strengthened  from our first stop, God loves these men and so do we.  As we clear registration and proceed to our destination, we again recognize people we know and they smile and come to greet us.  Like old long lost friends, there is no experience quite like it, it’s what helps keep us going, such is the power of acceptance.

We meet and greet, then we proceed to chapel and the guys file in.  Participation from the in house musicians is just wonderful and they do our worship music.  God is so good!  Tonight I do the MC work, that is one thing I love about this ministry, you never know what you will be doing. Our team is well matched, with each member doing something, Greg is a powerful one on one minister of the Gospel, having been incarcerated himself he possesses a unique perspective and understanding.  He is such a valued member of the team, able to relate and encourage in ways no one else would ever be able to do otherwise.

After Sherry and Mike deliver their unified messages on the provision and power of God to heal, Jim L delivers his message with tenderness and effectiveness, the theme: ON THE ROAD AGAINdoes God care? We can see the moving of the Holy Spirit within our midst once again, men listening with rapt attention.  Jim asks the men to stand if they have something they would like prayer for, over half do so, we pray.  We then move on to fellowship time, I love this time, relaxed and informal. Once the cookies and pop are gone, we pack up and go back to the van and head for Fredericton.

We review the day, unwind while on route to our favorite coffee stop, you guessed it Tim Hortons, sort of a tradition you might say.  Afterward, as we wind home we are mindful of the presence of the Lord with us.  We always pray for road mercies while traveling, good thing we do.  Just a few kilometers from Fredericton we drive into a sudden downpour of rain, without warning our van hydro-planes and goes out of control, and just as quickly gets back into control, diverting a serious accident.  We are reminded once again of  God’s protection on these journeys.  We arrive safely home in Fredericton, it is 11:00 pm and all is well.  God was in the house today and on the road with us.  Until next time we will be grateful and ever thankful that we serve an awesome God who calls, qualifies, and oh yes, He cares.  Time now to rest it is late, good night and God bless.   Blessings…Bill McLaughlin

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