On The Road For The Lord

Team @ Harvest HouseWhat a wonderful day for Bill, Jim L, Jim H, Greg, Sherry, and Mike to visit some institutions. We will do two visits today. Leaving at 1:30 pm, we arrive at our first place, Harvest House around 4:00 pm.

Amazing how we all know people from different walks of life and arriving here is no exception. We greet our old friends, and make some new ones in the process. Mike opens up the meeting with prayer and introduction of the ministry team.

Today worship music is provided from Harvest House by Jamie. What an anointed man, called to lead worship he literally sang in the presence of God, such unity within this assembled group of people this day. You could almost feel the brush of angle’s wings.

There are two men, David and Andre who have been touched by the ministry at Harvest House and Jamie has handed over the guitar to David, who now takes up the second portion of worship. David sings a song he wrote, the story of how God found him. David is a changed man, taken from dumpster Anointed worship @ Harvest Housepicking to soul fishing for the Lord. These two incredible men will leave NB and be gone for 5 months as they travel across Canada visiting shelters as they go.

They have been called and qualified by God confirming examples of our message today. I then present the message which is based out of Isaiah 6:1, 5-8 this speaks of being unclean and in the presence of the Lord. Knowing we are unclean we do not believe we are suitable for ministry, but God cleanses us. The message ends with “Then I heard the Lord saying: Who should I send? Who will go for us? I said: Here I am. Send me.”

We were also presented with Jim H’s account of last evenings visit in a institution and how God had touched and caused many men to give there hearts to Christ. Truly God is on the move these days in the church behind the walls.

Mike wrapped up the meeting and gave an opportunity to anyone wanting a change in their life and God worked His miracle. A young man responded and we had the privilege to see him come to faith in Christ. What joy to be part of that process. Then we all gathered around David and prayed for his mission trip across Canada, surely they are called to go and God qualified them and sent them. Do you hear Him calling you today, he alone can qualify, and will you go?

By Bill McLaughlin

On the Road for the Lord

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