Partners needed for Milk Drive for Children in Kenya

Dear Family, Friends, Prayer intercessors, Pastors, Volunteers, and Partners, Blessings,

Please they need your help, not for me or for Prison Christian Ministries. The help that is needed goes much deeper than this, I have been in the prisons of Kenya and am going again at my own expense, into a world that is hard to believe. When we from Prison Christian Ministries were in these prisons, we saw babies from the age of 1 day up to 4 years old with their mothers. Kenya is a poor country with no budget to help these innocent children and now every time I see the children in Canada, my heart cries out for the forgotten ones sitting in a cell with their mothers, with no summer camp to dream about, no bike to ride on, no father to hold them and love them, not even enough to eat.

After doing all that was needed to make everything legal we set up a prison ministry with an agent to service 11 prisons in Kenya with the gospel of Jesus Christ, who has put it on our hearts to help these children, So we have started a milk drive, for $15 per month we can have Joseph (our agent) take milk into the prisons for the babies three times a week and also serve one good meal a month to the children and there mothers.You have my word every cent that is donated for this project will go direct to helping the children. Please do not discard this e-mail lightly, these children REALLY need your help. I know today we are bomb bared with ministries looking for sponsorship but this is only $15 and it will make a huge difference. In the prisons that we service now, there are 100 children. We now have 27 on our milk drive,only 73 more to go, you can see the pictures below and see what the support our partners is doing to these children. Please become a partner, we will see you get a tax receipt and you can set the partnership up with your credit card, monthly cheques, or debit your bank account account each month.

Please contact or call her at

506 461- 8456 or go to our website

Be Blessed and know you are loved

a Babies getting milk 1a Little girl happy about milk 9

a Ladies & babies receiving milk 3

a Bringing milk to baby 6

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