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STEVE & BILL PICWe are off and running on another beautiful September day, and this trip is a bit longer than some. We are 3 in number but even one with the Lord is a majority. So Jim L. Bill M., and Steve H., arrive at their destination about 3 hours later.

The trips allow for the much needed conversation among the ministry team members. We have lots of laughs along the way and prayer also. New Brunswick is a Province of beauty and one of Canada’s best kept secrets in my opinion. Driving along the rural settings and waterways, one gets a great sense of the majesty of the Lord whom we serve. This same majestic Lord also rules and reigns within places like jails and prisons.

Today He is waiting for us as we arrive. We are never alone when it comes to our loving gracious Heavenly Father. He longs to meet with us. He neither slumbers nor sleeps. As we enter and go through the required steps to gain entry to the institution, I hear in my spirit, along with the sound of closing and clunking doors, that familiar refrain, “ bars and walls do not a prison make”.

So after arrival and gaining clearance, the team, along with the staff, gets the room ready and we earnestly await for their arrival. The staff in the institutions are so gracious to us, we couldn’t do this ministry without their assistance, they have a very important job and we appreciate them. We have an excellent number attend today. Steve speaks first with a conviction that has us all riveted, as he compellingly makes his message to their hearts. Right from the beginning the presence of the Lord is evident.

The men sit with eyes fixed on him, as he skillfully shares his story of God’s love for them. Then Jim L. who is no stranger to preaching, nor prisons, royally represents the nature of God, so these men can know how much compassion and love awaits them when they ask him to help.

Bill M. then speaks in summation, there is unity of thought from all three men, though nothing was rehearsed. We never share what we plan to speak. When we go on these visits we do have a theme, but that is all. We only know, that if we don’t rely upon the Lord, the job will not get done. We prepare but have to adjust so often to the consensus of what we believe the Holy Spirit would be wanting us to share or say. May we always be like this, for we alone are only vessels in the Masters’ hands. He alone knows what the true needs are, and today He has touched us all. One soul has shared about his grief, and this gives us a great opportunity to comfort and pray. Sometimes these meetings in the church behind bars is such Holy Ground, and these moments are special and privileged. We feel privileged today and thank our Heavenly Father for this. Now we conclude in prayer and we prepare to return home, the Lord being with us all, the difference being that we may leave. We will be back another day, and Jesus will be waiting.

Jesus talked with the disciples after His resurrection as they were gathered together behind walls in a room. Jesus simply walked through the wall. Our Saviour is a “wall walker”, He is not confined by walls, bars, regardless of the type. Are you in a prison? Perhaps your prison is one of emotional walls or spiritual walls. Maybe you have been hurt seriously by others such as a loved one. Do not fret dear soul, Jesus will walk through your walls also, if you will but allow Him to enter. All He needs to do His work for you, is your invitation. Will you give it today, He loves you you know!

Prison Christian Ministries is a registered charitable ministry in Fredericton NB. We visit all Federal and Provincial institutions within the Province of NB. We also visit 3 recovery centres plus a halfway house putting on 5000+ Kms a month. We also have a Jesus House Christian Refuge we are developing, along with an international outreach to Babies and mothers in Kenya, as well as a team of volunteer Pen Pals, and Cookie bakers. Please consider monthly support or becoming a volunteer.

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