Prison Chapel Report

prisonchapelThe service last night was to the Lord’s glory. The band from the University came to minister in worship, drama and testimony. They were moving in the anointing of the Lord. The atmosphere was “charged”. There were many hands raised when the invitation was given to anyone who would like prayer, and God was moving through the Prison Christian Ministries team “Behind the Scenes”.

Dennis and Al were ministering in the prayer room together during the service, and had 3 men come to see them. One of our faithful brothers was not able to be at the afternoon bible study, but he arrived at the evening service. He said he just couldn’t stay away. He received prayer and felt strengthened physically in his body. He had prayer for his family also and felt a great peace. Each of the men were touched, finding peace in the areas of their lives they shared, after receiving spiritual guidance and prayer. During the fellowship time Al came out of the prayer room and had a “divine appointment” with a man who rededicated his life to the Lord. God’s timing is so perfect. Another brother came in and asked for prayer, near the end of the fellowship time, later in the evening, from Dennis, Deanie and Sarah. He was touched and helped in areas of emotional freedom.

Sarah and Deanie stayed in the service, while Dennis and Al were in the prayer room. They were seated at the back. There was a shortage of seats and an inmate felt to give up his chair to some new comers, an African-Canadian young men. God moved through this small sacrifice as those that were given the seats were touched and it made way for Deanie and Sarah to minister in the fellowship time after. Some of their friends, who were observing what had taken place, also came to talk, and received prayer and ministry. One, who had never heard the gospel message, gave is life to the Lord. A connection was made with one of the other men he knew, who regularly attends the bible studies and loves the Lord. He is going to take this new convert under his wing. Praise God! It is interesting to note, that this is Black History Month and each of those touched at the back were African-Canadian young men. Also the young Christian who is taking the new convert under his wing is Aboriginal. Deanie, a Caucasian, spiritual mother in Christ, found herself laying hands on the two together, speaking into their lives. Praise God, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD! The walls are coming down!

Another young man who Sarah and Deanie were praying for since their last visit to the prison, said that he was in his cell and just couldn’t stay there. He felt to come to the chapel part way through the service. Although he didn’t stay for the full service, he came directly over and spoke with Deanie and Sarah. Both had felt their hearts leap when they saw him come in, as they had been praying for God to draw him to the service, especially when he had not come for the beginning. God impressed on their hearts, that His heart felt the same, when He saw His son. The young man was ministered to, and he thanked Sarah and Deanie before leaving.

Many of the men came to say thank you for coming, before leaving, and were very sincere in this. It was a humbling experience to be appreciated in this way, something we don’t see on the “outside” in such measure.

What a privilege to be used as vessels for God to move through and what a blessing to see the spiritually blind eyes opened, the broken hearted healed and encouraged, physical bodies touched and the love of God moving in the midst. Glory to His Name! Written by Deanie Gowan

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