Prison Christian Ministries Has a 3 Sided Focus

PRISON CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES has a 3 sided focus now, all still revolving around the one who we find our salvation and purpose in, JESUS.

1) We still do around 30 regular visits to prisons, jails, drug & alcohol treatment centers, half way houses, and soup kitchens, preaching the gospel and inviting inmates to receive Jesus as their Saviour and have their lives miraculously transformed by Him.

2) We had a team travel to Kenya, in Jan/Feb, visiting 11 prisons in 9 days, preaching the gospel there too. During that trip they got a mandate from God to provide the bare necessities of life to the babies accompanying their mothers in prison. You see in Kenya, when a woman goes to jail her babies go with her, but because they are not a prisoner, there is nothing provided for them. Due to this, the mom has to breast feed and/or feed the baby from her plate. Nothing is provided by the prison. We are raising funds to start helping there and plan to eventually build an orphanage.

3) We have been given a property to use for a Jesus House. It is a parcel of land of approximately 100 acres, with wood, an apple orchard, a barn, a house and 3 or 4 other outbuildings. We plan to fix up the house, and rent it out to ex-inmates who are wanting to stay out of jail, but are not of an age to go to work. A sort of retirement home for them, but it will also be a working farm, with a garden, animals etc.

So we have a 3 fold focus, but it is still all the Lord, and how we can help others in His name. Right now we are actively fund raising for Kenya, but if someone wants to support the other things that’s OK too. Hope this helps you all to understand what we are up to. If you’d like anymore info or would like to help, please reply here. Thanks again for your faithful support. Take care and God Bless, Rosemary


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