Prison Christian Ministries Inc. is now a registered Charity

praisethelordPraise The Lord! Prison Christian Ministries Inc. is now a registered Charity. Meaning that anyone who has made a donation to the charity this year, or in the future, and gives us your contact information will receive a receipt that can be used for tax purposes. It also means the property that has been donated to the ministry can now be moved in to the name of PCM Inc.
We are all excited about the Jesus House (a Christian home for homeless senior ex offenders) we plan to have it up and going by Sept 30th, This would not have been possible with out the help of many volunteers.

Thank you all, you are a blessing, you are the ministry, with out you volunteers there would not be a ministry. It is because of your obedience to the calling that God gives us all, many lives are changed, saved, and this world is a safer better place for everyone. It is such a blessing to see this vision that was given to us from God come to pass. We know it is from God because it is run by volunteers who know what Jesus love has done for them and want to give back.

If You would like to help but do not have the time here is a list of items that we need, four single beds, bedding for the beds, 32″ electric stove,and furniture for the living room. if you can help our contact information is below.

I hope it gives you His peace to know Saturday at our board meeting we prayed a blessing over everyone that has anything to do with our ministry, from the cookie makers to the Lawyers to the partners that support us on a monthly giving. Thank you all.Children Getting power milk

We would also like to thank everyone who has sponsored a Kenyan baby or donated to the African mission , we will now start planning a mission trip to Kenya for the first of 2017, for the purpose of going back into the prisons, sharing His Gospel and taking much needed supplies to the children ages 1day to 4 years in the prisons, that are with there mothers. We will also start working on an agency agreement, so that we can expand Prison Christian Ministries into Kakamega, Kenya, that will service 11 prisons.

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Be Blessed in Jesus and know you are loved

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