Prison Christian Ministries meet at Harvest House in Moncton

HARVEST HOUSEOn a Wednesday afternoon, Prison Christian Ministries met at Harvest House in Moncton. The team from St. Stephen arrived first. While awaiting the arrival of the rest of the team, they met several people, praying for one lady who was sick with a lung infection and meeting a couple of young musicians. These young men who were on fire to spread the Word at shelters in NB and NS through worship, testimony and ministry were such an encouragement.

When the rest of the team arrived from Fredericton, there were greetings all round as the joy of the Lord brought brothers and sisters together in love of ministry.
Pastor Brent, opened the service and then Sarah led worship with Deanie joining in. As the voices of about 40 men and women joined together in unity to worship Jesus, the presence of the Holy Spirit permeated the room. Oh, the glory of His presence!

The worship made way for the testimonies that followed. One by one the members of the team stood and gave glory to God as they shared their stories. Stories of restoration from brokenness, alcoholism, lives of crime leading to jail time, sexual abuse, dysfunctional families, suicidal intentions and hopelessness. All had found Jesus, were blood bought, born again, messengers from God that testified of how the love of Jesus
Christ had turned their messes upside down and inside out, bringing new life, hope, joy, and peace. And Pastor Jim and Sarah were true testimonies of how Jesus can keep us even from little children to stand for Him. He is trustworthy!

Sarah gave a word of encouragement and then Pastor Brent gave the message based on Wisdom…the fear of the Lord being the beginning of wisdom. The awesome fear of God! Hearts were touched. When Brent gave an altar call at the end for all to come to be healed, set free, and see the faithfulness of Jesus to meet their needs, men and women came forward to receive from the Lord. Some came for healing, some for financial help, and others for healing in their spirit and emotions, and some for forgiveness. All were moved, as the Spirit of the Lord drew them. “Oh, freely come, freely receive!” We are expecting good reports from all who came.

Near the end, Deanie was drawn to a woman who she began to minister to in her seat. Sarah joined in and the Lord moved through them to meet her need for a special healing. One of the testimonies had so touched her that she received the same for herself. “We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.”

All were gathered together eating and fellowshipping over a delicious meal that had been prepared for everyone by some caring and talented men and women, when Deanie and Sarah finally emerged from the chapel. Meal time was over and it was time to head out. Someone had noticed that the two had not had a chance to join in the meal and had packed 2 meals to go. They even gave them the silver forks to take along!

Wow, see how the Lord provides through the love of the family of God. It may have seemed a small kindness to some but it was as unto the Lord!

Thank you Lord for all that was accomplished for your kingdom at Harvest House today! By Deanie Gowan

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