Prison Life Behind Bars – Day 2

JUNE 7 TEAMNow back at the prison and inside ready to go we have a blessing, this afternoon we are blessed with the inmate band.  These guys are good and take pride in what they do. The men file in and we meet and greet and then settle down. Brent opens with prayer and reads a letter from an old grandmother which leaves the men in stitches, you had to be there folks. Afterward the meeting begins, the  atmosphere has carried over from the last study and this encourages us all.  When the music has finished we have a time of testimony, Sherry M. has a riveting testimony of her life, and shares her story of tragedy to triumph which now has become the focus.  Men watching and listening with expressions of respect and perhaps awe.  You see when God does a great deliverance, and empowers us to tell our stories, His presence draws people, and so it was with Sherry.  She gave hope to the hopeless who would be in a bad situation, just like someday these men will be sharing their story to others in a bad situation.  Then Jim brought forth our message, this month the message is, ‘He knows my name.’  Jim with his gentle and gracious manner, delivers a beautiful message and then sang a song to the men entitled, ‘He knows my name’.  Men were touched as was the team, a cursory look revealed emotion displayed with silence, tears and Kleenex, ourselves included, this was our shower inside, we needed this rain.  We are all the same at the foot of the cross, He knows  your name, do you know His?  Better yet do you know Him personally as your Lord and Saviour?  Now it was my turn, BUT by some manner the thoughts I was going to express were covered point by point by Jim L., this happens from time to time in ministry.  I was in unchartered territory so I gave a bit of a testimony then felt I should see if the men would like to have prayer.  Ministry is not the performance of an hour but the outpouring of a life in the moment.  I was in unchartered territory and knew it, I requested the team to come forward.  Team work always gets the job done and we all prayed for men, I believe no less then ten came with their tears and heavy concerns, we felt the move of the Holy Spirit upon us all.  Before we knew it our time was up and once again we assembled and then proceeded to leave, doors punctuating behind us, beaconing us for another day.
Prison Christian Ministries is a not for profit ministry to the inmates within the prisons, we encourage inquiries from interested persons.  Volunteering in prison ministry is a rewarding and life changing experience.  Check out our website or Facebook Page.   Blessings…Bill

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