Prison Ministry By Deanie Gowan

deliverance-1320x742What a beautiful spring evening to travel to the prison. The group met the new chaplain who was pleased to see the ministry team arrive and made us feel very welcome indeed.

The evening began with worship. One thing was for sure the presence of the Lord was ushered in. The anointing of the Holy Spirit could be felt in a wonderfully tangible way. Oh how He loves the praises of His people! He meets us as we worship “in spirit and in truth.”

A time of testimony followed much like the earlier service at Harvest House the same day, with Brent leading the group. One more time the members of the team stood and gave glory to God as they shared their stories, with the anointing falling as they spoke.

The stories were of restoration from brokenness, alcoholism, lives of crime leading to jail time, sexual abuse, dysfunctional families, suicidal intentions and hopelessness. All had found Jesus, were blood bought, born again, messengers from God that testified of how the love of Jesus Christ had turned their messes into a message, bringing new life, hope, joy, and peace.

A theme that ran through all, seemed to be that many past relationships were restored, once the relationship with Jesus was restored by accepting him in, and becoming a child of the living Christ.

Sarah brought it all together with the Word and a testament of how Jesus is there, not just on the mountain tops but in the valley experiences too; how we can trust him because He is trustworthy.prison-break

After the time of testimony Brent began to pray.  A man in the back row with long hair and a full beard began to weep openly, so touched by the Holy Spirit. He was sitting beside Don our newest member on the team.  Don came to ask Deanie and Dennis to come and pray with the man.  The man was totally broken about his loss of relationship with his girlfriend. The three prayed with him and spoke words of wisdom into his life, along with hope and His purpose.  Jesus’ love for him and how God gives good things to His children; how He will either restore or bring in other relationships better than we could even imagine, because He knows what we need and HE LOVES US.  In praying they broke off anxiety and any lies from the enemy of condemnation, speaking the Peace of God over his heart and mind. There was a break through! He thanked the three after for their caring and was so much more at peace.  Praise Jesus, who deserves all the glory!

Others were touched as well. One man in particular, who was soon to be released was extremely pleased that Mike had taken the time to pray for him.  He kept saying he was going to follow Jesus and he was “never going to come back here (meaning to prison) ever again! He was going to change his ways and have an honest business, no more illegal business for him. He was closing that old business.  It was not for him. He was so joyful, it was infectious!

After experiencing the sweetness of the Lord, there was a time of fellowship with cookies and drinks for all. The men were so appreciative, respectful and thankful. What a blessing to see God move amongst his people!

By Deanie Gowan

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