NB Women’s Prison Visit

On a beautiful sunny day, feeling like spring weather, A group of volunteers headed out for the NB Women’s Correctional Center. Many deer were grazing along the roadside assuring the winter has been good to them.

Upon arriving at the Women’s Correction Center, we were greeted by the facility’s program director. She escorted us to the Chapel & shortly after, several ladies came out to chapel. Pastor Jim led us all in praise & worship songs as the ladies picked out the songs they wanted to hear. Greetings were extended to the women by Margaret Love. How appropriately, as the topic of the sermon was on LOVE. Sherry then captured the essence of the moment with her personal testimony and the love God showed her thru her trials & tribulations of life. The women were glued to her every word telling how God turned her life around. So many of them related their lives to hers.

prisonvisitPastor Mike then talked about scripture relating to God’s love for all man kind. He relayed the message of love that he experienced during his recent mission to Kenya, Africa. He discussed the love the African people showed for God. As impoverished as they are as a developing country, they certainly showed their love for God. It was noted that over 2600 African souls prayed the prayer of salvation, & all the women wanted to do the same, & wanted to be counted among the numbers with their African brothers & sisters. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! Isn’t God great? Fellowship followed & testimony books were distributed to the refreshed women.

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