Purchasing Medicine and Clothes for the Street Kids

Jos. taking st. kids shoppingDear Folks, Blessings,

Below you will see Joseph Kinuthia our agent in Kakamega Kenya, purchasing medicine and clothes for the children that live on the streets in Kakamega, Kenya, Africa. This is one place that the funds you have donated to this ministry are being used.

Thank you for helping us fulfill the Gospel of Jesus.

I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, Matthew 25:36 NIV


Kindly Brother Brent, find the attached photos of Street Children. I was doing shopping for their clothes today and other I bought medicine for some at the Chemist.

Also about the small Bibles, I am also still doing an inquiry on where to get them cheaply.

Otherwise may the Lord Almighty bless you abundantly. May you and Family have and enjoy a Merry Christmas.

Yours Brother Pstr. Joseph K. Kinuthia HSC (Chaplain)

Joseph buying medicine for St. kidsJos. taking st. kids shopping


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