Put Your Trust in the Lord … cont’d

Mike, 2 Jims & SherryThe next stop was at the local institution for the incarcerated. The team broke off into two groups, the two Jims in one range, & Mike & Sherry in another. Between the two ranges, several came out for chapel service. Again the teaching proved to be powerful in both ranges as the presence of God was evidenced that night.

Most men surrendered to the Lord by praying the prayer of salvation, after the powerful messages they received on trusting God. Many also asked for individual prayer & prayers of healing. Many didn’t want us to leave that evening. Most received good reading material & we handed out all the prison crosses we had with us. Many men came into the room looking for crosses but they were all distributed to the men in chapel.

We told them to come to chapel next month to hear the Word, receive salvation, receive testimony books & get a cross for participating in chapel service. We expect a big turn out next month, the seeds were planted throughout the men in those ranges. God knows what He is doing in their lives.


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