Put Your Trust in the Lord

Mike, 2 Jims & SherryOn this overcast day, four volunteers, Sherry M., Jim L., Jim H. and Mike C. headed out after prayer from Rosemary B. It was good to have Mike back on the team after an extended absence in body but never spirit. The first stop of the day was at a woman’s addiction center in Shediac. It was attended by six women who had powerful testimonies & shared them with the team. Jim L. opened with a story relating to the Trusting God. He was quite thorough in scripture, & related it to the women before Sherry M gave her moving testimony of hope in her trust in God that turned her life around. Her story tells of the tragic occurrences in her life before trusting in God. Emotions were moving & stirring in the hearts of the women & tears flowed down the cheeks of several.

This put the women in the atmosphere of worship & a couple of songs were sung, praising our Lord & Savior. All could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit which was perfect for Jim H. to present the teaching on “Trusting God”. He preached a powerful lesson & all the women clung to what he was saying. It was powerful as the Spirit directed his every Word. You could tell the women were so glad of our presence there as the Holy Spirit showed up. Praise the Lord! God is good and knows how to minister to the hurting. There were healings happening before our eyes. Mike C. spoke on trusting the Lord & His Believers’ Authority. Mike testified of his recent stay in the hospital & exercised his Authority over the enemy to ward off all sickness & to restore his health under this Devine Authority promised to ALL Believers by the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Isn’t our God AWESOME! That’s putting all your trust in your God. We have that Authority & must exercise it.

Salvation was offered to all the girls & all said the “sinners Prayer”. Many asked for individual prayer as well, and the whole team accommodated them. We feel so welcomed in this house as all are family to us. The owners of the facility thanked us from the bottom of their hearts for the support we provide to their cause. We continue to pray a blessing over & all around this house. Thank you Jesus!



  • Jeannie foster

    September 5, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    I thank God and so appreciate for you all. My heart goes out to the lost. But so beautiful when they are found. My love and prayers be with you all. Blessing on your day

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