Recent Visit to a Detention Center

menbowingWe arrived at the Detention Center, parking our vehicle, we bowed our heads, praying for open doors and to have the anointing from God to minister to these people. We formed a circle with chairs, and soon an eager group found their place and took a seat.

After opening in prayer, Miles sang and played his guitar. The group were taken with the music.

Next, Sherry McMillan spoke about the choices she made in her youth, that left her handicapped for the past 37 years. She explained that those bad choices still affect her today.

Brent then testified about his time spent in detention as a young person, and how he changed his choices and this has made him successful in his adult life.

The day was all about lifting up Christ coming into their lives, and strengthening them to walk in victory.

Mike brought the service to a close, finishing with the sinners prayer. All persons in the room, prayed the prayer, making for a great day!
By Sherry McMillan

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