Special Service On A Sunny Sunday In September

prayer-groupOn a sunny Sunday in September Bill, Margaret and I, Trudy had the privilege to go to a Special Sunday afternoon service at one of the detention facilities. We were a little late getting on the road, but we were right on schedule with God’s timing. Bill led us in prayer while driving on our way, and Mike C. also called for another word of prayer for these people. God knew they needed special prayer before we arrived. We have no idea what they are going through or what they have been through. It’s a great privilege and honor to share the love of God to them.

First Margaret shared her life story, and how she ran away from God at a young age. Then I shared the creation of God and how sin began, and how Adam and Eve ran and hid from God. That is just what we do when we sin, we run away from God. Bill continued to share, as we run away from God our sin festers and gets infected and becomes bigger and bigger. If we don’t deal with the wound when it first happens, our hurts get deeper and deeper.

The inmates listened intensely as we shared. One of them understood right away and shared that their grandmother prays for them.

Another spoke up and said, “What if I believe a lie”. You could tell in his heart that he wanted to believe what we had shared, but he probably had been lied to so many times in his life and let down by people around him. We told him to pray and ask God to reveal himself to him. We prayed all present before we left.

It is a great privilege and honor to share the gospel and our life stories to show to love of God to so many that are in prison. We need to continue to pray for them and so many like them that have
never been taught, or shown the love of our heavenly father. God is so good!

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