Street Kids in Kakamega, Kenya

Dear Folks, Blessings in Jesus name,

Below you will see a picture of kids in Kakamega, Kenya that live on the streets. When we were in Kakamega last February, we had the privilege of feeding and ministering to these kids, it brought tears to my eyes at the end of the day, when one little man (maybe 10) came up to me shook my hand,thanked me for the meal, then threw his large dirty plastic bag, half full off cans over his shoulder and walked away.

Kenyan Street Children

Please pray for these kids. There are no social programs for these kids, they are on their own in a large busy city that is very poor.

We are going back to Kakamega this February (God willing) and will be taking the funds that are donated to help theses kids, we will also be purchasing some basic necessities for the kids in the prisons.

If you would like to help, Please join us for our Christmas dinner on Dec 2 or if you cannot make the dinner, go to our web site and make your donation. Be Blessed in Jesus where REAL hope begins

Anyone going to the dinner please contact Rosemary at 461-8456 or 472-7022 to register seats are limited.

Here is a message I received from Joseph Kinuthia, our contact in Kenya.

“Praise God brother Brent, thanks so much for your prayers. Today I was able to preach to the street children, although i had nothing to offer to them, but i told them that the word of God is the light to their life. Some of them were sick without medicine, so brother pray for them, have a blessed weekend. yours brother Joseph”

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