Thank You for all your prayers and support – Testimony

prayerDear Family, Friends, Partners, Intercessors, and Pastors,

Thank You for all your prayers and support, because of your help many lost and lonely souls receive Jesus into their hearts. Below you will find a write up of one of your faithful volunteers who was good enough to give of his time and funds to help someone in need. Praise the Lord for His volunteers!

I (Don) joined Prison Christian Ministries a short time ago. I have been asked to share my testimony with people in prison and treatment centers. It has been great, and I have met some amazing people of God; the volunteers I go with. I felt compelled to share about our visit inside the walls of a prison.

Next to me was a large man with long hair and a full beard. As Brent was praying this man started crying uncontrollably. Feeling very inadequate, I asked if he wanted prayer he said, “Yes”. I tried but, still unsure I was saying the right things, I went to another volunteer for help. She and her husband came to him with open arms. As we prayed, my Lord and Savior started to put words in my mouth. I had so many new emotions going on in my head.

As we were leaving, the volunteer who prayed with me said, “Good job Don”. It meant a lot to me to hear her say that, but we both knew it was not me. Thank you Jesus! I will not be afraid to pray with anyone, knowing I don’t need to worry what I say, the words come from above. All I have to do is show up. Thank you Prison Christian Ministries, all the leaders and volunteers, for the opportunity you have given me. I am truly pleased! By Don Lamey

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